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  1. x2. I wonder how much the Ferrari influx has to do with his retirement.
  2. As part of the Australian launch, Lotus Australia released a new gallery of Australia-specific Evora photos that are only partially shown in the link above. You can see the whole set of new Evora photos and the official Australian Evora pricing sheet here: http://lotusenthusia...-beginning.html
  3. I was talking to the rep at the show (from Auto Europe I believe) and he mentioned they barely snagged that car for the Detroit exhibit! Press car that was just about to return back to England. We have some more photos of the Lotus stand in Detroit here: http://lotusenthusia...-auto-show.html
  4. Now that is interesting, would be nice to see him involved on TLF.
  5. Yes - that makes this award even more meaningful. Great work Lotus!
  6. Aubergine Purple?!? How rare...I think the color looks great too.
  7. The Artega article is now available online: EVO
  8. I put a link to the poll up on Lotus Enthusiast on Thursday. Hopefully that sent a decent amount of additional votes over to CAR.
  9. Anyone know the story behind this photo? Any more from this set? Thanks for posting these.
  10. I'm getting more and more used to the format each day. Overall I think it's a move for the better!
  11. Nice work...I'm loving the top green and French blue.
  12. What in your eyes looks similar in the Artega and Evora interiors? The seats look similar because they are the same off-the-shelf seats, made by Recaro for Lotus, Artega, and others. Whereas the rest of the Lotus interior save the nav system is bespoke to the Evora, the Artega interior is largely a mixture of Audi parts. The pedals are from the Mk2 Audi TT, the dashboard and headlamp switch are from the B6/B7 Audi A4, the DSG knob is from the Audi A3, etc. Something you may not know: Henrik Fisker designed the Artega GT.
  13. The four circular taillights are a carry-over from the Elise/Exige. No Toyota influence there. The rear window isn't even close to the same and the line above the rear wheels is barely similar. The Toyota 2000GT is a beautiful car, but I wouldn't say the Evora took design cues from it.
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