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  1. it is a 1990 se chargcooler, the tension arm is made of nylon ?? i know on most other makes of cars i have looked at, these are normally metal. prob is its half snaped and has wore air con belt which snaped. this is how we found out about the alt bracket half snaped and bent. any ideas or helpful tips or even explaination to why lotus used nylon? sure not to save weight. regads dave
  2. Well thats it, its all over.Cameron must be the siickest of the three as he didnt get the majority he thought he would.Glegg must be second as they fell short of the hype, Brown did far better than anybody expected. Your pole bibs shows how skewed poles of specifc narrow interest groups are.Only 36% is hardly a mandate to snatch power. Considering he wouldnt countenance a deal with LDs hes falling over himself now, just to get power. I think people dont like brown {labour} but remember Thatcher! So the election has left all parties short of thier expectations apart from labour who probally bid better than expected. The sad thing is are there only 3 socialist own esprits?
  3. ^^ oops brown and red are feed from battery ? I think. all a load of pants anyway
  4. At just over 58k miles on 1990 SE, Mot required re-furb steering rack and a ball joint. Feels a lot better, Still i feel the tracking might new re-doing more accurate, feels like one wheel might wander.maybe thats the older of two ball joints. I am picky tho
  5. Mat , Intresting story , sounds like you got your car just like it should be. Mams husband has a excel se, dont think he was a member on old site. It's in bits a the moment getting engine rebuild. I drove for a couple of months and i have to say i love it, The handleing and the gear change, The power steering makes it a real everyday car. look forward to seeing it on the road again soon. dave
  6. I know the feeling , good luck sorting it.
  7. Anyone else win ? Got it a@ 20/1 , I picked McCoy to win his first grand nat, On JP Mcmanus horse trained by jonjo o'neil. just like cheltenham Winner.
  8. Fully understand all above and agree it is a great site, all the info is great, Am just new and vocal and want attention i surpose. And being new i dont know how site works/runs or how to reap all the benifits. 2 years nearly and the SE still running pap, I fear only a matter of time untill major failure occurs.
  9. Am not knocking you or this site at tall bibs. re-read my posts, I just feel it maybe a good idea to listen and take any advise and do somthing constructive rather that compare two car clubs. Do you want me to state what sort of things are great? Think how much money rtoc takes over and above your memebership fees will ! Imagine what they do with all the money they take ! Whats that got to do with the price of fish anyway. If you want me to state why i think the smaller of the clubs helps the most ? I didnt mean it helps more people. just 149 out of 8000 is poor. Maybe i havnt explained my self corretley, I think if everyone was a memeber it would benifit everyone. i geuss this site isnt about profit so lower fee and more memebers would go along way to bring everyone together within the club when or if everyone was on the same level. Regards dave Ps - 149 of of 8000 hardley makes me feel like joining as a newbie and being part of the minority, got me thinking about it to be honest, why only so few. seems sad. should be more for sure. Am all for helping others and makeing things better or easier for everyone. Mat, Every car club is different , this is a great setup no doubt, I wouldnt even compare the two to be fair. I will say Again, I have said before. My first an most important Intrest, Is to learn more about certain cars. Not everyone like's to fix there self, I'd rather not fix anything and nothing breaking. But second hand old Cars things break, When things dont get looked after by previous owners ,mechanics Or just in the years gone bye, things deperciated , Not everyone has a good garage on there doorstep. The cost of transport and petrol is that high , So things get costley. Many people end up replacing all sorts in the end when they get a problem because of lack of advise or poor judgement. Or a crap garage costing thousands, still for problem to resufuce in the end. This is were my concern for eveyone come's in, To get honest transparant valuable advice on a car site/forum, Surely Only paying members Should be able to give tech advice and or read it. therfore you would need a lot more paying members to promote good use of it first. To be fair it seems unless am missing somthing there is a whole lot of topis were people dont get any answers and still have a SE sat in a garage or barn or worst outside there house not working right. I understand everyone has a life, if theres things i learn and or understand that i can help someone else with, Am all for it , So will give my opinion or advise or just my Veiw. I am not having a dig in any way. am just trying to understand Why the tech section is pritty much non-eventful, And when a new topic comes up Theres only a few that seem to chip in. Regards dave Ps voting time , am just going to spoil my ballot , no one to vote for.
  10. Hi laura. It seems unless i join , certain people dont talk or have opinions. My veiw. What am saying is if everyone had to join and had to pay a little fee, For what is a good website with beifits all, maybe all people would chip in rather that the paying member sat back looking at a tech question and thinking there not full member am not answering. bibs as said as mush in his post, either pay or your not getting his time, Fair play but if 8000 people all payed 25 , that would be to much money to give back wouldnt it. Is this a club ? If yes i belive there would be great beifits to get all members to pay, Just so everyone would feel like everyones on the same level and people WOULD post more about peoples problems. otherwise they wouldnt of paid as member and topics started are by member. the RENAULT TURBO OWNERS CLUB club i am a member has only 800 paid up memeber most only pay£10 everyyear to renew, £25 to join for new members. Had its ups and down and changes but it Started back 1996 Things are All good, just things in life need and should be made more clearer. regards dave
  11. Should be £25 join fee, then £10 years after for renewing ?? mabey cheaper get everyone involved and bring the resposabilitys to share information to everyone. I have so real good pohos to share but find i can post them or any other freescan logs for that matter If the tech section was closed to non members and only genral was open to no paying like on the other clubs/forums then maybe poeple would share more information. I'll join when am good and ready And i wont be going away , i'll always be about.... regards dave
  12. It Should be £25 join fee, then £10 years after for renewing the long term valuable member get the right discount, and the drifters get told or asked to pay up , i seem confused to how excatley i would get more info by joining ? I have read what you have said bibs and understand, but the amount of posts i read without answers is unbelivable, if the tech section was closed to non member and only genral like on the other club/forum i am part of then maybe the pay system as i stated would work and you would get 1000s of members the with money gained put back into club with track days and parts discount aranged with traders , arrange discounts and do group buy on things that are hard to get. club shop could sell allsorts.
  13. more action less words, get to the point and make a splash in tech section
  14. Ignition wires with Immobiliser fitted Pic's Is this good with High preformance ecu cars? In pic 1 - red and white . brown and red , little white wire and small yellow all coming from or lead to ignition key. The R/W and B/R are cut, there a four wire from Immobiliser, One has been joined to each of the cut to join curcuit. The R/W wire is at the point of ignition when its crank's engine and suplys ecu with live feed, From looking a the service note's. The B/R seems to be earth. It a cobra Immobiliser, 10 years + Question is would old immobiliser affect running of ecu car ? I think so and i belive its whats causing mams car to run poor amongst ather things. After having a look i have defo found and fix one problem. hopes it hasnt fooked ecu The Red and White wire on back of ignition had come loss, was still attached, just solder had broke and it was able to move (rattle about). I have fixed that, Which for sure wont have done anything any good and porb's cause a load of things to break in prosses I'll get there. You watch Two years and plenty of parts. problems still exsist, My answer on my GTT was to take Immobiliser of and put my own on My gtt like it Some reason i cant upload pictures ?? Opps posted it on micks account
  15. Mick labour are not going to win. deal with it, I told you months ago, as much as i hate any thing blue, it will be a blue victory.
  16. It surprises me how quite esprit's are in cabin with windows up, radio on. On the out side on the other hand, it loud.
  17. Am not fully sure to be fair. how would that be done. Seems i have a lot to learn and understand.
  18. Good quality dash speaker and small speaker behind seats. Decent powerful dab stereo, I have a bad habbit , What ever car i drive, I end up listening to engine/car/wind/any noise or feeling, its really not good, i find faults with everything, I think i can find a prob when there aint any, GF not impressed when i keep turning volume down
  19. The wires or connections dont seem to be the problem on the tps side got a new tps also, maybe having non genuine temp sensor is causing problem, thats on order asap. Is there wires that feed the ecu from the ignition curcuit that could be causing problems, also what earths are there ect. dave
  20. Derek, Me and mick both trying to suss out the same probs, on the same car. Sorry for any confusion. Have a look at other topic about same thing, Maybe it might say or show somthing you havnt seen or been told. Next look at ecu being at fault you say, We sent ecu away for testing and came back with no problems ? mabey it might not have shown a prob yet it has one! Would any wires to or from ECU cause these symtons.
  21. no , that is just going off freescan date readings. hows is it best to test as you have said ?
  22. why should we be in debt ? and elite group of people own us all. how can this be right ?
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