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  1. hi andy. yeah tried to rotate it while off and still couldnt get it to read 100%.
  2. Just relised i had this topic from a while back. Think it would be best to update this one and delete the most recent one. Cars temp sensor was past it , new one has made the temp problems go and car is running without going into limp mode or cutting out. Now this is the problem that freescan has uncovered. TPS is set at 0.49 - 0.51 volts, When throttle fully down its only showing a reading of 2.81 volts. and giving little over 40% . Why could this be ? have an old and s new TPS sensor both reading the same. Yesteraday it was fine one min , then the next it was poor again, it fix itself for a while , then returned to only being able to get just over 40% throttle ? If you cant help dont worry thank you once again. Any ideas help much apperciated Cheers regards dave.
  3. Get the news before it happens Odds on for blue win, So my mate reckons, he says it time for them to be the fall guys , just like labour have been. I want A new party. "The Honest and transparent peoples party" for the win ... I dont noramally join groups on facebook network, but "Being English" i did , there "was" a pic of cameron, and pic of brown. loads of comments about good opinions from some 200+ people and growing group has 80k peoples in it. It's take what you get these days, the amount of man made problems is un real. The bad thing is, some are just there for a reason to control for a minority rather than for the majority.
  4. wish i was hunting easter eggs, rather hunting the problem on the lotus
  5. Hi, TPS set at 0.49 - 0.51 volts, When throttle fully down its only showing a reading of 2.81 volts. and giving little over 40% . Why could this be ? have old and new tps both reading the same. Any ideas help much apperciated Cheers regards dave. having problems getting more that 2.81 out of tps. after setting it at 0.49-.51 , it will only read up to 2.81volts. The temp sensor that runs thru the same curcuit, just been replaced after that was messing up. Do you understand much about how the curcuit works. Yesteraday it was fine one min , then the next it was poor again, it fix itself for a while , then returned to only being able to get just over 40% throttle ? If you cant help dont worry thank you once again. Dave PS, "My veiw" It also seem by the look of a lot of poor running Topics/threads people seem to struggle to fix the culprit, that must leave a vast majority of esprits turbos off the roads .
  6. Imagine if these three fittied your radio, and alarm on your Esprit. Has anyone any pictures or advice on wire colour's from both Ignition key. and Or radio. When having a new radio fitted i believe they have wired it bad, After having a look at the wires stuffed in behind, and all the mess, I can see wires that have been cut and things changed, Once for last radio and maybe again for new one ! there is two pairs of wires, a pair of black and a pair of grey going to nothing coming from front of car? Also i think maybe the 15 year old cobra alarm might have seen better days. I feel if a problem with either of these. Could be causing Knock on effect that resulted in poor running of car and battery unable to retain charge. Anyone LotusEspritTurboDaveJGTT
  7. Please could anyone give any details, regarding whats what, Any wiring diagrams much appreciated Cheers regards dave
  8. Car looked wonderful good job
  9. dont know how accurt this is, but looks an ok artical. dave
  10. Yes it says pontiac 93/97. The cars a 90 so there must be something earlier I think. Just got of the phone with peter from P.N.M. hes got them for
  11. JGP or whatever if you read this he has decided to rewire , is it a good idea i am looking for ? also dont the secondary injectors share the same plug ?
  12. i have posted a freescan file up, a while back and i think it was dermot that suggested that it seems to have unbstable earths on TPS and maybe coolent sensor. car was getting erract reading on the temp "going by the reading thru freescan". temp was fine on dash gauge and not jumping around like the readings on freescan logs. also battery keep going flat , its NOT the battery as its had a couple off new ones and they have been recharged once flat , just to go flat agin once hooked up on car. regards dave
  13. Merry Christmas everyone All the best for the new year.
  14. Hi all , Starting this topic to keep track of info and repairs and try keep most my questions in one place. So far since regeistering have started several topics and its a bit all over the place to be fair, Much rather just have one thead and not have to start new topics all the time for silly little questions. I am going to put a few links to topics i've started, so if intrested have a read and please feel free to spend time to help out as and when you can. B) Also when taxman pays up , i'll join forum and get some good photos uploaded , and got some from when my mam and her husband mick, went to Silverstone, Le man , Hokkinhine ? lmao in Germany. Some nice pics Heres my newbie post, Heres micks profile all his topics are problems on the same car! He's got a good spanner hand thats for sure and has fixed endless cars my mams been using to cuemute to an from work, Over the years saving thousands, I have also benifited and leart from him a great deal. Dont need garage for most jobs, Take pleasure, and pride in fixing your self if practical and posiable, not everones bless or lucky enough to have deep pockets but learn and try hard enough you get there in the end. I have started a few topics but will just post relervent ones leading up to where i and the car is at the moment. Temp sensors Freescan logs Standalone ECU. was a learning question for veiws and opioions, Also i have explained few probs the cars got Like i have said it is all over the place , so please bear with me. At present after looking at engine wiring loom, it dont look to cleaver and has been out at some point the oe caseing and heatwrap has been removed and replaced with tape 2 injectors look different coulor like theres and age difference. The 2 into 1 earth that go's to bell housing of the engine loom dont look to good either but not that bad still ? is this the earth i persume supplys earth tho ecu or for tps, temp sensor ? i dont know ? I have a few other little fault finding tests to do before - Then next step i think (besides getting pictures up) ? Get the wiring loom out for inspection Cheers and thankyou for and help advise in advance, Regards dave
  15. Demon Tweeks, sell blanking plugs for bout
  16. Fair point, the mother wants her car to work as it should and thats it ! As for me am not arsed either way as am not going to go tear-arseing round in it, sure am going to be using it from time to time and maybe attend a few events if and when it would be possible. My point is i know somone who is trustworthy and could fitted said parts, at what i think a fair price. and even if left and factory boost / timing , it would be a more manageable car with the Updated parts / sensors /wiring. Even said it prob never happen untill i own one some day soon , i hope and wish
  17. I have found a suspect ! After having a good look and think today, drove round the back, hood off, in the boot and boom it all comes together. It seems ive learnt a bit more today, Wiring harness, which gose to injectors/TPS/ECUtemp and lots more, Is ran right round the engine to various places in extream heat, The whole loom has been taken out at some point and wraped up with electricans tape rather that being OE. 2 injectors look a slighley different coulor/newer maybe. The earth thats on the bolt between rear diff and engine. below where box with the boost relay control thingy , has two wires going to it, look crap to me. So geuss its take that bit of loom out injectors/fuel reg and service. And hope to get lucky. opinions most welcome Regards Dave.
  18. Hi dave , Have read some topics from a while back, about the problems you had. What was your solution in the end ? Did you price any after market products up to go stand alone ? I started this topic to form a veiw of somthing am only new to, wiring on any 20 year old car is going to become suspect When fitting after market ECU to injection turbo engine, They control to oe spec and beyone or am i wrong ? In doing so : Replace injectors/fuel reg. All new sensors and wiring loom/harness., Service all cooling, replace the old rad thats prob hind under the near 20 year old car. Drive and road test and tune to what you want. All this is pie in the sky, its because of a simple a prob "we hopes" with the 4cyl SE , Am having to spent time to learn and understand how they work and whats what! and whos, who
  19. Having somthing thats brand new with a longer life ahead of it . without faults
  20. Was thinking about Adaptronic race engine managment , Have not read to far into it as of yet as its a lot of money, if all you want is for your lotus to work in my mams case. Know somone who would Fit, then work on the car if that was fitted. seems it would cost from little over
  21. Mark, these are the topics about the car, as well as the topic stated by Bibs. Cheers
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