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  1. hi all , Am dave , am member on RTOC "renault turbo owners club" i love turbo cars, I have a renault 5 gtt and my mam owns a the esprit turbo. For the last year or more i have had my project runing every day to a good reliable standard. have tuned it to run as a gtt race cup car did in the 80's and 90's Have learnt massive amounts done things i never would of managed without my halfords socket set and and jack handle. and mick from time to time for some sound advise and for the help relapping my valves and showing me the ropes of stripping and building an engine, my little pushrod 1400cc t2 turbo 15 psi boost, 150bhp / 870kg power to weight is great and cheap to tax, have classic car insurence. and is pretty good on fuel my love for the esprit or dream should i say, started in the mid to late 90's when was about 15 ! i use to look in autotrader and top maques and dream and tell my mam how she should get one! years later 2007 she had a windfall and treated her self to a different car , I showed her the car she has today rather than a crapy bmw m3 lol, She ended up in another car i showed her a cavalier 4x4 turbo, 2 owners ,low miles , it had a fault and burnt out . The lotus she has now was still up for sale after the cavalier died, so went and had look at it and she got it straigt away. my writing and spelling isnt always the best, but i do try. Hope you all can understand me and help me along my way. cheers all, dave j
  2. hi , Wanting to learn and need to ask a few thick questions to get me started Dose any one run after maket ecu rather that the GM standard one ? Are or is the ecu on lotus esprit chargecooler turboed cars prone to break down or become fault ridden. What are the most commen faults with the way the standard one works ?? Anyone shed any light , all advice and help many thanks dave
  3. hi , am new to this forum. i am member on RTOC a site renault turbos. my mam an mick whos thread this is own a lotus esprit turbo. I am of the belief that dump valves are crap and no real gains or proven facts to prove they make turbos last longer ?? They are a bolt on that tuners make money on ?? maybe they will benifit some highly tuned engines but not a close to standard engine. also wonder how many say there good and how many say stay clear ??
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