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  1. Hermes delivery guy asked if mine was "that new all-electric/hybrid Lotus hyper-thing" yesterday......
  2. Here's another (darker!) one : No idea who this dealer is, but maybe someone knows the car? Edit : This appears to have red leather dash and silver badges - and no black body bits it's so not a Sports Racer at all...... Registered as an Evora S, which is what it appears to be....
  3. Will Blackham has been listing this one for a couple of weeks - hopefully it’s still available...
  4. On the wing? The wing repeaters are LED already - these replace the rears - 30 seconds per side - pull carpet away inside boot, untwist central bulb holder, swap bulb, test (if it doesn’t work, turn new bulb round in holder) replace holder and carpet.....
  5. Hi all Just to share my experience of these items, all of which work a treat in my MY2014 Evora (UK) LED Indicator Bulbs (Amber - UK) : Good fit, high quality, no errors, normal flash rate, brighter than standard bulbs but not too bright LED Interior, boot (trunk) and number plate light bulbs All of the sizes you'll need here to do the interior roof light (I used the 8 LED), glove box, boot (trunk) lights x 2, number plate lights x 2 etc. I have ambient under dash bu
  6. Model year changes up to and including MY2012 added. Source : Evora Service Notes January 2014 updated version Don't shoot the messenger!
  7. Probably hanging in the stores on a sky hook......
  8. There’s a couple of (pricy!) ones on eBay at the moment......
  9. If anyone's looking Will Blackham has a new listing :
  10. I put the black shark fins on for now which covers half of it - the bottoms of the doors/sills are far less noticable too.......
  11. Yes - it has - looks worse in photos than in reality.......
  12. Went for a ride "home" today.....
  13. @YvoTuk Will sort you out with these Glad I went with the wet fit option though!.....
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