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  1. Another local one/one coming home
  2. Likewise - bought mine last August in the "lull" between lockdowns simply because it came available (and not many do), was local/at my trusted dealership, and the right spec/price for me - at that time test drives with masks on were allowed in Norfolk (those were the days....) - it hasn't been far since, mind.....
  3. It’s too small, and full of other stuff.........
  4. I tried the stick-on storage nets similar to those above on my Sports Racer and can confirm that they don't stay stuck for long on Alcantara - although they're probably better on leather or other surfaces......
  5. What colour/trim? Are these any good??
  6. Thanks - so what functionality remains for the parking sensors? Just the audio or are the "cartoon cones" still part of the existing camera overlay? If the latter then it's fine.....
  7. Sorry to jump on this thread, but do the existing subwoofer, microphone, parking sensor display, reversing camera, GPS aerial and glove box USB connector lead all "plug and play" with the Alpine ILX-702 too? I'd also be replacing a factory-fit Alpine INE-W920R and it would be great if it's really just a straight swap plus a DAB aerial splitter.....
  8. All details at the linked thread....... "DRL" (function) enablement from the factory would have depended on target market - for UK cars it should have been off..... PS - Check your DM's.....
  9. Pre-4xx Evoras don't have separate DRLs. On 4xx models, they're fitted lower down in the redesigned front bumper. In some markets, the pre-4xx model headlights are wired to stay on all of the time to meet legal requirements. There's a plug in the fuse box area that enables/disables this, which is what you may have read about. I thought about aftermarket, but it's not an easy job with regards to access, etc and they would always look, well, aftermarket and without extra wiring would not bring the rear lights on either.. I've just got into the habit of switching on sidelights (which a
  10. I think you'll be OK with a pre-booked dealer/garage service visit in England, Lockdown v3.0 :
  11. I believe so - codes at least - you may need to look any up elsewhere - scans fine but my car doesn’t have any......
  12. They're £400 cheaper than the other set, but not sure about the subframes......
  13. There's a couple of pairs on eBay at present : And a rear seat to match :
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