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    1980 Lotus esprit 2.2, 1982 Lotus éclat 2.2 riviera, 1978 Matra bagheera, 1985 Mercedes 280SL
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  1. Beautiful line up of English sportscars. Thank you for sharing with us.
  2. Storing the cars where you live. Filip, you sound like a man who has his priorities right.
  3. You flirt Dunc. I think most 520's ended up with Wolfies, GKNs or other aftermarket alloys as the Steele wheeled cars are now something of a rarity.
  4. Hi William. I assume your car is an early 520 and very nice it looks too. I have one myself, same colour with Wolfrace wheels. The 520 which came out in 1976 was the entry level car and to differentiate from the more oppulent elite had skinnier Ford Steel wheels with a different smaller PCD. That meant the GKN alloys of elites and later éclats would not fit. Any 520 éclat with GKN alloys must have had the hubs replaced. Although Lotus had a contract with Wofrace to supply alloys for the 1976 and 1977 Esprits, I am not sure if any éclats left the factory with Wolfies as I have never seen any evidence like a spec sheet to prove. I would imagine such an upgrade was carried out at Lotus dealers although these wheels were massively popular and fitted to many English cars of the era. I hope that helps. Regards Roddy
  5. Well done that soldier.
  6. Thank you Dunc. Objects of beauty.... Nice to see the éclat and excel sandwiched by the Scimitar and MG. There is something very special about old English sportscars, they oooze character.
  7. So nice to see these three spectacular Lotus sportscars from the 70's, 80's wedge era together. All are connected In their styling and phylosophy. Lovely early dark bumper/skirt, narrow body éclat excel is becoming a rare but endangered species I hear!
  8. I was at the show and it was so nice to see this car in great condition and this colour. It's a 70's sportscars and with the exciting introduction of colour television during that decade, most cars were painted in bold colours like brown, orange, green and yellow. It's a shame when people change the colours to bring them up to date or go for a TV theme like the multiple white Bond-ifications of esprits you see at shows. Keep em original.
  9. éclats look fantastic in GKN's as it's a very period look and suit the cars. The GKN wheel looks like an early jet turbine. The Speedlines look good on later S2 cars as they give the impression of speed. Wolfies are a funny one for me as I think they look great on the original esprit but don't suit all cars. Having said that, I think that when this vehicle is restored to former glory and the wheels are polished up, they will complement all the shiny chrome work and light interior and look the part. Beautiful pics of KAH 534V. I think that there are too many pics out there of very sad looking elites/éclats. It's showing off the cars in this condition that help bring their values up to where they belong.
  10. It's been a bit quiet here lately. In Greece at mo. Saw this at the beach and thought it would raise a chuckle. Sorry it's not elite/éclat/excel material but it is, at least automotive. To keep things in balance. Lovely 1977 éclat 520 sporting period Wolfies.
  11. That looks like a stunning riviera, well shot. Is it black on black?
  12. I've used Spit n Polish in Tonbridge to restore a set of Wolfrace and am very happy with their result. Diamond cutting is great but someone recently told me that being a raw metal, it needs to be buffer polished in order to achieve a high temperature on the surface of the alloy which helps seal the metal giving better results in terms of mirror shine, longetivity and helping to withhold pressure, as alloys have a tendency to breath more than steel wheels, particularly when old.
  13. Cool. That's a funky colour. What is it? Is that a factory option or was it done at some later stage? Lovely looking éclat. These cars always look better in my opinion when mixed with other classics of the period at shows.
  14. Lovely acquisitions gents.