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  1. Hi Richard That is a very beautiful car you have. It is not the first time I have seen a riviera badged as an éclat 2.2 on the rear panel. Refer to the factory pic attached of an ice blue éclat receiving its finishing touches before being shipped out and one can see that it is badged éclat 2.2 with no indication that it is a riviera. I suspect that the first few cars were badged that way as the staff in the decal department either had not developed the decal yet or they were not ready on the day. The riviera option equates to a lift out roof panel. Indications that the ice blue car is an early 1980 car are that is has chrome door handles. Most rivieras had black door handles as the supply of chrome dried up or went out of fashion. It also appears that Lotus started pushing out cars with riviera bonnets and bootlids (on éclats) towards the end of production as surplus parts needed to be used up and new owners probably did not object. These are the kind of things to expect from a relatively small scale manufacturer of hand built sports cars. I would leave the badging as it is, original. It makes a rare car just that little bit more unique. Regards Roddy
  2. Blessed is thee who is able to accumulate more than one elite/éclat.
  3. Hello Rob. Hope you’re well. I have great respect for your achievement with this restoration. Has there been any progress since?
  4. OK Bond esprit fans. It's time to bring this particular thread which started some time ago with a query about the unusual 'dark grey' dash, seen on the close up scenes of the Wet Nelly interior to a conclusion. Lotus supplied at least 5 shells plus parts to the production company (and submersible company) and one shell was used to make a studio mock up for the road chase and underwater scenes. Here is a picture of that mock up. One should clearly see that the upper section of the dash has been trimmed in what looks like a soft slightly padded 'dark grey' material. This must have been done for camera techniques as a light grey might not have worked effectively with the background addition. I hope that answers the mystery.
  5. Don't underestimate the power of a few stickers, it's the automotive equivalent of make up or war paint. It has the ability to arouse people and value things differently. Look at what Lotus did with the éclat sprint. They took the most basic models (520 and 521) and stuck some stickers and matt black paint on them and consequently these cars became special.
  6. I think it looks retrotastic. I like it. I have a 1977 Matra Simca Bagheera S which has factory paint and a similar period stripe and that strip makes the car stand out. If you remove it, you'll lose the uniqueness and probably regret it. I have seen that unusual LOTUS script on the owners manual so it's very 70's Lotus.
  7. Here's a treat for all you vintage Lotus car pic lovers. These are pics taken from back in the day and scanned from what looks like glossy pics. Remember 110 film cameras... Cars in period pics always look so much fresher and better with their original features. This black series 1 Lotus éclat was, as far as I am aware purchased and sent out to sunny Cyprus from brand new. Observe the period tyres and battery and stance of the car on new springs. This particular model is interesting as it appears to have a full beige leather interior. Something not normally seen until the series 2's came out. It also has the later 'white' Smiths instruments that were fitted to series 2's and the last batches of elites and éclats and a later alternator. As such, I figure that this car was manufactured in 1980 and probably one of the last 2 litre éclats to roll off the production line at Hethel. It would, in the U.K. probably have been registered on a V plate. It may have even left the factory with a galvanised chassis as the last few cars had these and two pack paint as opposed to cellulose. I reckon the pictures were taken in the very early 80's. Amazingly I remember seeing this very car back then over 30 odd years ago being driven around, (once by a lady) as we would go to Cyprus regularly for vacation as kids. Of course I did not forget about it as like most of us, these early sightings stick to schoolboy minds and remain a permanent memory. That's why most of us are here. Any other observations would be appreciated. Enjoy the pics.
  8. Very sharp. The elite is looking better by the day against today's mass produced jelly mounds.
  9. I always wondered who it was that was being chauffered around in the Pink Panther Mobil.
  10. If that's the case, it's a silly gamble of a thing to do because history shows time and time again that when a car like this sells and comes back again straight after, people get suspicious or seriously peed off.
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