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  1. Well, it has to be said, Jenson were the Guinea pig prototype company for Lotus. I'm hoping this ones had a sprinkling of engineers magic dust.......I have a good feeling about it.
  2. That proves my point, the 4 speed is a more robust unit. Out of interest, where did this brand new gearbox mount come from?
  3. If you want my two pence worth, try and get your four speed box rebuilt or find a replacement. It's a rare 520 and you should keep it unique and original. The 3.76 differential was matched to the four speed box for the driving experience which was in the vein of the previous cars from that period like the elan +2 . In years to come when these cars appreciate and they will appreciate, it will make sense. The 520 was an interesting piece of Lotus history. It was supposed to be more basic. I think people tend to forget that these cars were being built with Colin Chapmans input. The four speed box was as far as I am aware, also a more robust unit in comparison to the early 5 speeder which was prone to synchros going on 1st and 2nd. Less is more......
  4. Many thanks Nigel, that's interesting. I have one more lead I could try and that is to contact the chap who sold me the car and see if the engineer is still around. If I have any luck with this, I will post my findings.
  5. Hi NigelK. That would be interesting. Thanks
  6. Thanks Gents. I knew we'd get to the bottom of this. I suspected it was a Jenson engine judging by the date and cam covers.
  7. I would be grateful if any engine archaeologists can help me out on this one. I have an early LHD Dutch éclat 521 possibly of around 1976 manufacture. The car has been in storage for twenty years. I have been reliably told that it was maintained by an engineer who worked for Team Lotus in the 60's and 70's. I have found evidence of continuous upgrades on the car. I am intrigued by the 907 engine as it has the early blank cam covers which had a badge stuck on, instead of embossed LOTUS. These covers have a small aluminium plate that says LOTUS 2.2. The engine number on the block is B74 026053. It has the grooves in the cams (e cams). I suspect it's not the original engine. Is this an early engine, perhaps from a Jenson, or an engineers special creation or something that came from the factory in the early days of the development of the 911 and 912?
  8. Maybe, the elite was marketed as a four seater and the éclat a 2+2. That extra inch makes all the difference.
  9. My dear friend Duncan, when you are eccentric enough to drive these kind of cars, you must consider fake tan normal and the éclat is a 2+2 which makes room for one more! I'm sure Jodie would love to take a fast spin in the back seat with me driving.
  10. Thanks for that. Good Loooooooooord.........This means I finally get to capitalise on my little orange thing.
  11. Yes indeed, my big bro (from another mother). We will get round to it.
  12. Cheers Comrade Dunc. The '76 520 éclat is an interesting piece of Lotus history. The car is now safely dry and secure. Another love of my life, 82 éclat 2.2 riviera auto.
  13. Thanks Bibs. Your blessing means a lot to me.
  14. Barrykearley, listening to our mums just makes us all sensible and nice. I think we've all been there and woken up from it which is why we now go out and buy ourselves something 'exciting' and do reckless things. The baggy is a grin factor ten car. I've had a lot of fun out of that car but like old Loti, you have to have a goodun.
  15. The éclat 520 is probably overlooked but I think it's a case of less is more as this early car seems to run in the same vein as the earlier cars like the elan+2. Lotus are drivers cars. It has the Ford four speed box which should be great fun for driving around in London. A pot of cutting compound/polish and WD40, a few lotus bits and mechanical TLC might work but I'm not interested in spending the rest of my life nursing it to keep it on the road. That's almost like sadomasichism. This car has a lot going for it but Farmer Bob is right in that it will need a rebuild. It also needs a windscreen and this car has clear glass so it will probably have to be a new item.
  16. I bought it! Apologies to anyone who had bid on the car but it was advertised elsewhere. It has gone to a loving home.
  17. I also bumped into some Lotus Royalty. No introduction required. The gentleman gave me his Lotus lapel badge and I gave him my cap. The cap looks better on you Mike.
  18. Bibs sold me that jacket a few years back at the NEC Birmingham on the Lotus forums stand. He insisted it looked good on me. Boy was he right. Had good fun presenting the car at The London Classic Car Show. There was a six nation league being Britain, Italy, Japan, Germany, France and USA, Every day there was a two nation showdown lap up and down the central lane every few hours. The viewing public voted for their favourite group. On the last day it was a showdown between Italy and Britain and Britain Won! We got presented with an award and I got to kiss a supermodel.......
  19. Time for me to stick my head above the parapet wall. 'It was me'.
  20. I have not been to an Ace Cafe Lotus meet for a good two years. Terrible as I am only 20 minutes away. Would love to pitch up but recovering from hand surgery and cars are sorned and on top of it all, its raining! However it is February and Spring is only around the corner so I hope to make it there soon. Forums are a synergy, so good on you for trying to make it happen.
  21. I managed to pull up behind this 1977 esprit in my '85 Mercedes 280SL in Mansfield, Notts on Saturday 21 February. What made my day, was the fact that I could hear and smell the distinctive carbs from my cockpit. The gentleman pulled off and drove it the way it was designed to be driven..... Great to see a piece of 70's Magic on the road.
  22. Thanks for that. Will get on the case as soon as I have the time.
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