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  1. I managed to pull up behind this 1977 esprit in my '85 Mercedes 280SL in Mansfield, Notts on Saturday 21 February. What made my day, was the fact that I could hear and smell the distinctive carbs from my cockpit. The gentleman pulled off and drove it the way it was designed to be driven..... Great to see a piece of 70's Magic on the road.
  2. Thanks for that. Will get on the case as soon as I have the time.
  3. My 1980 esprit 2.2 has sat in a garage for over a year. Not much gearbox use. Been a few months since engaging gears. The other day, with the engine running, I could not engage any gear. There seems to be a block at every gate. Only reverse seems open but as I try to engage there is a crunching sound so I stop early. If I switch off the engine, all gears go in nicely. Any ideas please?
  4. This is what she looks like inside. So retro '76.............. Makes you wanna get innit.
  5. I am also trying to maintain the originality because in a few years, like the few remaining series 1's and those being restored, it will make all the difference. When I bought the car two years ago it had Goodyear NCTs all round. I now have the Fuldas on the rear and Yokohamas on the front. They look fairly good for the age of the car but for traction they are superb, the best combination at mo'!

  6. This lovely silver 1978 series 1 Lotus eclat 521 was spotted parked up in Hamstead, London in January 2011. It has a black cloth and marcasite trim and a manual gearbox. Exceptionally rare sighting!
  7. Hello Simon, I think we own identical cars!


  8. Hello Simon, I think we own identical cars!


  9. Me and Coz enjoyed ourselves at the NEC Classic motor show. The Lotus Forums Stand was humming. It was a pilgrimage well worth making. The MOT on the esprit 2.2 crept up and lapsed a couple of weeks ago. Provided I can get that sorted, we look forward to being at the Ace Cafe tonight with the 2.2. Roddy
  10. Would love to come but out of the UK at the moment working. Hopefully I can make the next one.
  11. Some more information on esprit s1 progress: After the recent run of over a hundred miles (for a paint quote) and a couple of local round trips, the esprit s1 became noisy. There was a ticking sound coming from the front of the car and a louder more rackety ticking coming from the engine area. During this fettling and settling stage we had decided on short trips to drive the car without the rear engine cover in order to listen out for any abnormalities and quickly catch any steam, smoke or fire. Back in the day, the ear was an essential piece of equipment before the advent of plug in diagnostics. Anyway, being the fourth 900 series engine in the family, I have developed a good sixth sense for these engines and cars and I knew that something was wrong. The sound from the front turned out to be what I had suspected, the non return valve to the brake servo. These are a little white plastic plug in attachment found at the base of the servo. They look like an inverted top hat. Over time they get noisy. I remember being at a lotus elite/
  12. Cheers Mark Now this is a Lotus driven by gentlemen, leather interior, auto box, power steering, cigar lighter for my cigar and you can smell that interior. You can't buy it these days. Old school son. Hi Mat. If you are who I think you are, I bought some bits off you from ebay. If so I met your son in Golders Green down the road from me and I also met a mutual friend. I have no doubt that you would make an excellent custodian of this fine example. I have spent four decades of my life being espritless. It is worth it in the end when you finally get what you have been looking for. Regards Roddy
  13. Rasmus! Happy New Year friend and colleague. I have been saying to myself lately I must contact Rasmus. So you found me on this site, that's cool. Don't you love technology. It brings all us sad people who have this car illness together. I have four on/off runners, Mercedes 280SL (sensible everyday car), Lotus esprit 2.2 (cool factor), Lotus eclat 2.2 riviera (class) and Matra Bagheera (quirky), plus a couple of spare Matra cars. Four is the limit for me. I am just in the middle of something as I write this but we must catch up on MSN soon. Hopefully I'll be able to do what I can for your esprit turbo project. They will be the up and coming cars. It would be good to start a thread here if you have the time. You get to meet some nice people. Look out for me on messenger. Talk to you soon. Roddy
  14. Hello Mike, as an option for you to consider, I fitted a low torque starter motor from a company called Powerlite to my 1982 eclat 2.2 and I am very happy with it. The car normally starts on the button. They are not cheap, I think I paid something in the region of
  15. Hi Mike Good work. It is a fantastic project that will be worth it in the end. I think white really suits the esprit S2. My only advise is to try and keep the car as original as possible for if you look at what is happening to the esprit S1, that is what people will desire and look for. Roddy
  16. Hello Mark I am one of the fortunate few that is lucky enough to have found a sorted motor, my 1980 esprit S2.2 is very original and in excellent condition for its age. It was owned by an engineer who maintained the car to a very high standard. Sadly he passed away which is how I got to acquire the it about a year ago. It is silver with red leather seats and the rest of the trim is like the soft roof lining material in black. I intend to keep the interior as it is, as originality is king, particularly on older cars. It normally starts on the button and still has the carved from solid wood feel that you get from new vehicles. I do not drive it in the wet if I can avoid it. Underneath everything is clean although much of the suspension, callipers etc have been sprayed red. Over time I might return things to original colours. When I got the car, it had paint overspray on the glass and paintwork and I spent days hand polishing it out. I have had the wheels restored by Diamond Styling in Seven Oaks and I have fitted Fulda tyres to the rear and Yokohamas to the front. Safety comes first. The mirrors, ear air scoops and rear light cluster trims could do with painting (satin black) and that is on the TO DO list for early next year. The Electric windows are slow so I plan to do a full internal door maintenance when the mirrors come off. The esprit S2s are under rated at the moment with many having fallen by the wayside but their moment will come as people start to appreciate and restore them. As for presenting it, I have some plans to get some much deserved exposure on it. Watch this space. Roddy Saturday 12 December 2009- Shell Station in North London. OPH 633R being gassed up again at a station after 23 years. Gorgeous shots of esprit S1 in the snow. polished esprit S2.2
  17. More pics for the esprit S1 fetishists amongst you. It is MOT day and the first outing for the S1 in 23 years!
  18. Some pictures and information on the MOT process from myself Roddy (Cos's brother). esprit S1 nose to nose with esprit S2.2 in my garage Removal of pinstripe. Possibly an 80's mod when some esprit S1's were being made to look like later cars. Cos in Lotus position Freeing seized calipers, requires some skill, WD40, strength and patience Rear caliper piston/handbrake mechanism Rear calipers on bench Another Lotus position Sideways view of gearbox showing the close proximity of reverse light switch and exhaust box. One of the wires shorted on the exhaust box. Something to watch out for. The picture shows the temporarily repaired switch. Reverse light switch resting on bench with temporary repair for MOT. New switch on 'planned order list'
  19. 1. Dave eds 2. Punky 3. MPx 4. Gasmangt3 5. Phoenix
  20. Hello people I'm the new kid on the block having recently bought an esprit 2.2, an almost lifetime ambition happily fulfilled! I do not live far from the Ace Cafe and have been there a few times including twice in my eclat 2.2 riviera but I have only ever seen one other esprit, an S car about 2 years ago. The Lotus night seems to consist of a large number of elises and the odd excel. But now I know that there is the possibilty of meeting esprit owners and seeing a few cars I will be attending again when able. Let's keep up the attendance. It is important. Roddy
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