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  1. Fantastic pics Keith, many thanks for sharing. The early pics from the days of chemical photography are so nice to look at, particularly when it comes to these cars as they look spectacular in their new and shiny glory. These 70’s colours are also seldom seen these days. 
    Are you able to post the pics individually in better resolution? 

  2. It’s so pleasing to see cars like this restored to such a high standard.  It normally starts a process where others follow, the cars are appreciated and values rise.  I commend you on your effort and it’s also a great tribute to Oli. I hope you get to enjoy it and look forward to hopefully seeing the car in the not too distant future. 

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  3. Good stuff Richard. As soon as I get some time I will get onto the case in getting something together. 
    Incidentally Mike Taylor at Lotusbits has an offering. I have not seen his design but from what I understand it involves an alloy cast and works on a concentric cam principle. He has them made up and the couple of times I have asked he’s told me he is out of stuck so perhaps some of us here should get into the case and see what they involve and find out if he can have some made up. 

  4. I saw the ad on eBay and wandered about the chassis but was sure that someone was going to purchase it. What a gut wrenching sight, even more so that there are so many early cars crying out for galvanised chassis. Breakers are notorious for such stupidity. I remember quite a few moons back, maybe around 15 years ago when a large breaker in Lancashire had an Essex esprit perched up sandwiched between two other cars and they had taken the angle grinder to chop a whole chunk of suspension off in order to remove a rear hub. I think we should all contact the breakers enquiring about the chassis just to make them understand that these cars aren’t all just a pile of scrap. It’s a shame when an insurance write off finds it’s way to the wrong careless hands. Surely we as enthusiasts should make an effort to ensure that any precious parts from write offs are going to the right places for parting out even if we cannot keep the vehicles ourselves. 

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