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  1. Many thanks for that wonderful in-site and great pictures.
  2. That’s one I haven’t seen before! Thank you for sharing.
  3. If it’s the same car, I knew a previous owner who worked as a flight instructor in Oxford but we are going back to the early nighties. You’ll have to PM me for the name. I last saw it about 25 years ago parked up in a side street in North London with a For Sale sign on it. I think it needed some work. 3 grand if my memory serves me right was the asking price which at the time I thought was dirt cheap and I always wished I’d been able to buy it and tuck it away somewhere. As I say, if it’s the same car, there cannot be that many S3’s in Lotus Yellow.
  4. If your wheels take the same nuts as those found on S2 esprit’s (& S2 elites, then this set available from Halfords for around £25 should work. Not a great snap but there is an S2 nut in there and if you look hard enough, you can make out the matching cone seats. Forgive me for scrubbing out the key serial number, it’s not that I don’t trust you lovely people. Hope that helps. MCguard 24195 SU
  5. Have to say, that looks really cool. This project looks superb. That will turn out to be a really special car. The first and last cars are always the best to have if you’re a serious collector. I wish I had the space.
  6. Early elite in blue with cream interior. An object of beauty.
  7. So nice to see an early excel in such a lovely condition.
  8. These pics are amazing. I was probably around 7 years old when these pics were taken so difficult to identify dealers. Am trying to expand on any signs in pic but too blurry.
  9. Fantastic pics Keith, many thanks for sharing. The early pics from the days of chemical photography are so nice to look at, particularly when it comes to these cars as they look spectacular in their new and shiny glory. These 70’s colours are also seldom seen these days. Are you able to post the pics individually in better resolution?
  10. It’s so pleasing to see cars like this restored to such a high standard. It normally starts a process where others follow, the cars are appreciated and values rise. I commend you on your effort and it’s also a great tribute to Oli. I hope you get to enjoy it and look forward to hopefully seeing the car in the not too distant future.
  11. Sad news. Glad to have had the opportunity to have met the man. RIP Oliver.
  12. Very nice. You’ve come to the right place. That’s a lovely spec with colour and interior and it looks complete and original. It’s a lot of work but the reward is well worth it. I am sure it will end up being a beautiful looking car when finished. Good luck with it.
  13. And so a witness finally comes forward 😂
  14. What an absolutely stunning pic Soldave 👍🏻. It’s a classic car from the 70’s and the architecture is modern, yet the sharpness of the two go hand in hand. I think it just goes to show how advanced the design was from back in the day. Lotus were so forward thinking.
  15. So nice to see an early narrow body excel. Is that Ice blue? Spit looks great too...
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