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  1. ah I see where you going with the dings quite hard really to translate it into dings and da's but I get it
  2. I believe these guys sell it on ebay
  3. cool sounds like a awesome service
  4. SCC082910RHA61525 1994 S4 Jimi Angeles / Jimjitsu london
  5. under the charge cooler is the vacuum pipes for the MAP sensor, fuel pressure regulator and vacuum for the crankcase breather none of these are connect to the air pump so probably one of them popped off or split
  6. I think I will have to pass on this sorry guys hope this is enough notice for you 1. Bibs 2. Dermot, 3. Paul C 4. internets 5. Andy Clements 6. matk 7. steve15 (Steve Leaver) 8. fsrowsell (Felix) 9. Martyn 10. sparky 11.Hunt
  7. hehe yeah its a real git to get out already have my electric one fitted having some problems with air in it at the moment once that's sorted ill let you know the difference between broken CC pump as that's all i have ever had and working electric one
  8. very pricey but very nice also think i would be tempted to do something like this though the price as its a bit cheaper would require alot of messing with the dash : /
  9. thanks for taking the time out to do that I have a electric pump now too
  10. very nice indeed can i get a link to where you got em please
  11. pulled out my chargecooler pump and to my surprise all the fins are still there : / doesn't move for toffees though the impeller just spins and does not spin the fins. My question is they are not all like this are they??? cos if they are no wonder the things fail
  12. Well I have decided to come out and do some posting after I stick some pics up of awesome flashing images you can ban me later. Just pulled my charge cooler pump and I think you want to see it so get ready for flashy images of DOOM lol
  13. Apparently there have been complaints about my signature so apologies if it upset some of you. Its the same signature I have used across the many car club forums I have been a part of and I think chances are if I annoy you with that then some of my other posts or topics may annoy you also so I will just stick to reading. Apologies again
  14. Well car looks nice i still don't get what ding-da-da-da-dingaling-do-da is all about xD
  15. initiate swearing lol I have disconnected the pipe to the carbon canister completely and just fitted the BOV to the vacuum point so no chance of any interference from the carbon canisters vac line, also the BOV worked fine on the opposing connection on the vacuum rail the one that connects to the MAP sensor , Don't ask I didn't put it there that's how it was when I got it >< have corrected that now and replaced the craptastic blue silcone pipes that where there. Thanks for all the info I'm gonna go and have a good look at it all again with your comments in mind
  16. Don't think the vac pump is part of this circuit bud looks to me like all that does is exhaust valve, throttle valve and interior vents could be wrong but that is all it looks like it does to me
  17. I have 2 that I have tried both are dumping to atmosphere and both work something seems to be wrong with the vacuum but I cant figure out what. I tried disconnecting the carbon canister vacuum line and fitting the one from the BOV direct to the vacuum line that serves the carbon canister still no dump
  18. parts on the way just wondering if this is going to make a big difference because my s4 has never felt like a 0-60 4.7 car. Don't get me wrong its not ultra slow but I was expecting more from it.
  19. I am sure my CC impeller is not working my question is how much power loss will I get from that as my s4 has always seemed slow to me. Will fixing this give good power gains?
  20. Anyone got any ideas why I cant get a blow off valve to work? plumbed into outlet for carbon canister as per instructions on lotus esprit world. Valve definitely works, when I bought the car it had been plumbed into where the map connects on other end of vacuum rail I have correct the vacuum lines as they were badly fitted and reinstalled BOV to where it should be fitted but the thing just wont blow off
  21. That made me laugh... I would have laughed and most likely shit myself with laughter if it had gone up in a big fireball xD
  22. would love to bud but my freescan crashes after a couple of minutes so that seems to be the longest log I can get also the car seems down on power judging by the state of the rest of the car my guess is theres no impeller left to test should also add that the freescan plug underdash does not work so i have to plug it in the boot start log and hope for best : /
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