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  1. My wiper motor has been found to be the cause of electrical malfunction in my car causing fuses etc... to blow. Sourcing a replaceable wiper motor is proving difficult? My lotus specialist says that it is a unique specialist part but I wonder if anyone has fitted a wiper motor from an Austin/rover/Land Rover? Or even rebuild the motor? Only Lucas one I can find is £300 on eBay which seems a bit excessive!
  2. Hey all... I need a panel switch for the control panel on my 1978 esprit s1... any help appreciated. Rich
  3. I am looking for a switch (the panel switch) that go on by the speedo etc... anyone know where I can get one?
  4. Ok ..So outdoor carcoons....Who can recommend a reasonably priced one for the Esprit?
  5. My 1978 s1 esprit is coming home after 6 years of slow restoration...I am building a car port for it but would like advice on whether this will be good enough? I have a cheapish cover for it and obviously want as little damp as possible to get in... How often do other s1 owners find they experience problems when they are driving? I know these early models from reputation seem very unreliable!
  6. Just returned to the forum after a few years in the lotus wilderness! Some great pics the orange paintwork on jons car... Good to see some progress! Mine is back in the garage (post wedding party drive... See pics I've put up on picture thread... It's due out again now the weather is good. It's the dampness that affects these all those s1 owners who have their cars on the road... Just how often do they go wrong?!
  7. My S1 last year... And another...
  8. Cheers Gav....I'll pursue with your advice....will post pics of my car shortly The first pic has a motif on and usual Esprit buttons were plain black...? so presuming this one couldn't be used... panel switch may be possible? May just be easier to use sj sports buttons ....just seems so expensive along with the rest of the car!!
  9. I am looking for replacement switches/black buttons that go on the speedometer pod faces for my Lotus Esprit S1 1978 - Does anyone know if there are copies on other cars? It costs 20 pounds per switch + VAT and postage to replace all 6 at SJ Sportscars...think this is a tad excessive!! Thanks Rich
  10. I am looking for replacement switches/black buttons that go on the speedometer pod faces for my Lotus Esprit S1 1978 - Does anyone know if there are copies on other cars? Thanks Rich
  11. Hey... it has to be white....that is why this car is famous! To answer your previous question.........I'm close to you in Bournemouth and come to Plymouth regularly......My s1 is feb 78 and was originally black leather interior.....mine is currently being trimmed. Rich
  12. Hey Neil...have found a local professional trimmer....semi retired doing cash in hand doing the espirt for 1.5k - let me know if u need contact details Rich
  13. Cheers Neil....yes I was quoted at 800 a seat too.....sure I can find a skilled retired man who would love to take such a lovely car on if I search hard enough though! Can't find 2.5k at the moment! Will be in touch when have made progress!
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