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  1. Hi Everyone i'm thinking of doing a few track days and was wondering if anyone can recomend any motorsport training schools ? Dont want to damage me baby while having fun. Many Thanks Paul
  2. Hi i had headling, sun visors and other capping rails done at bromsgrove trimming and fitted myself
  3. Hi i always wanted to build one of these and here it is ! Cheers Paul
  4. Hi Steve when i was looking for my 83 i was told they were obsolete. got some from fibreglass services that fitted (expensive for what they are tho) Good hunting Paul
  5. HI as someone who has just spent 12months replacing everything and spending around 3k, my car looks the dogs but i wouldnt do it again !! now i want a v8, missus says i'm mad cheers Paul
  6. Hi All Thia may be a dumb question but can someone tell me what pressures i should be using ? cheers Paul
  7. Hi Paul chrome had come off mine but had them sand blasted and powder coated matt black (low cost) they dont look half bad. Paul
  8. Hi yes everything, they gave me leather to glue onto upper dash which took 10mins to do. theyb made me a replacement roof lining for
  9. your right there are lots of cheap leather around mainly from asia, good stuff comes from europe the stuff i went for came from Germany. My only advise is however long you think it will take you Double It paul
  10. HI very nice ! i went for the tart look cheers paul
  11. Hi i did have the car in bits, and fitted the upper dash myself. (they offered to come and do it though if your any where near feel free to come and have a look. Paul
  12. Hi Daz got mine done at Bromsgrove Trimming, took sinterior in too many colours to pick from! 01527576643 Cheers paul
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