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  1. Yes mine is an early stevens without a wategate but just a plain (useless) extension! I called ''sj'' up this morning and he comfirmed that the one piece (much sleeker in design) will fit perfectly! But what i forgot to ask him is, do both types fail or can you get around it by buying a much differnt looking two piece?? Thank you both for your replys wish me luck replacing it!!
  2. I ive got hold of an new exhaust manifold wich is the one peice type, can i fit this to my carb turbo esprit when it has the two peice manifold fitted (extension to the turbo)? i have placed them side by side and they seem like they are of the same lenth and angle and lookes like it will fit to the turbo ok! And while were on the subject do both types crack or should i have a better look at my old one? im just replacing the manifold while the engine is out cuz i know they blow all the time !
  3. Im having the same problem with my 91 carb turbo! the timing was out on the pulley when i brought the car so i managed to get the timing right by turning the distributor right round using a thinner oil filter! but now im changing the belt i wont to get the distributor pulley as it should be so i'll have full movement on the distributor its self! ive timed the rest of the engine up to tdc and i have the dizzy cap off so i can see the rotor arm position, my pulley has a yellow colourd mark on the outside of the pulley (facing away from engine) and a dimple about 150 degrees around from this mark. i also have on this pulley EX and IN marks but i think maybe this is just a standard pulleys markings?? Well when i line up my yellow mark with the centre of the crank pully bolt, the rotor arm points inbetween firing posts! is this correct? If i wont to start from scratch do i aim my rotor arm at at any post and make that post/cylinder no.1 then 3,4,2 clockwise? and should the arm be pointing slightly past the post as in 9 degrees after TDC as i have timed the engine at TDC? It would be nice to set the pulley as it should be, but the way i see it is aslong as the rotor arm is pointing at No.1 in any position in the dizzy cap duz! it matter?? please help as i have taken the manifold off to get to the dizzy and i have torn the already new manifold gasket!! doh!
  4. Hi MK1 im looking to buy a overhaul kit for mine but im looking at £70! were did you get your parts soo cheap lotus??
  5. No its just not there man! ive re-ferbished the carbs so i dont wonna start it till ive replaced the filter! did they even put them on the carb modals?
  6. I have a 91 carb turbo and ive looked everywere for the dam fuel filter but it just isnt there! i thought they were supposed to be bolted to the right hand side of the engine bay but there is just a guard for the pipes to run behind! pls help
  7. Thanx to everyone who helped me on this, lotus owners are the best i think!! i wonder what the worst forums are, bmw drivers have a bad name dont they???, i wonder if there forums are as helpfull lol! (no offence to bmw owners)
  8. Ive become confused with the vacuum pipes in my carb turbo 91''s engine bay! i need to know if i have the routing and placement right, there is 6 ports comming out of the inlet manifold, and 3 vac pipes comming from a strange solinoid/pump right by my o/s fuel flap! (duz this help with hot starting or something??) if someone has a diagram that shows this lot i will be very gratefull! thanx
  9. On my 91 carb esprit i need to replace the oil cooler(single 330mm cooler in center of car) so i need to know the thred size, also the old cooler has managed to damage the tread in the pipe!! i know the sizes would be bsp size but were would i get a tap to repair the damaged thread in the pipe?? pls help
  10. if anyone has done this pls explain how! im thinking of moving the air filter to the other side to give me room for a small inter cooler! any suggestions?? or do you some how use the charge cooled gear for the injection engine? someone must have done something!!
  11. this is my new restoration job! i took the pick from my helicoptor, or was it my bathroom i cant remember! do u peeps think i should get chromed up wheels like shadeone or black or gold?
  12. thanx mate very helpfull whos the ticket for?
  13. yes i soo need one can you give me some more details and price pls!!
  14. Wow this is amazing, ive just signed on to this site looking for any help with restoring my lotus! strait away i found this post with a car exacly like mine same engine, age and condition! its funny to see the exact same faults, its like there pics of my car!! i have trouble with selecting 1st gear and wonderd if it could be related to the same issues you had with the cable linkage on this one? Also were did u get all ya seals, o-rings and pipes. esp for the carbs? whos this steve dude and sj sports?? do i get all my parts from him? i see you were gonna get a re-spay sorted can you recomend anyone in the south that can do repairs and a spray? Thanx very much for this post i need all the help i can get!!
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