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  1. Hi Everyone... 3-eleven race arrived at yongin everland speedway in Korea. 2020. 2nd. October. 20221002_074400.mp4
  2. HI... 2019 LCK,FOCK, PCK, MCK Track day in KOREA.
  3. Dear Everyone. How are you doing because of the Chinese corona. AIM MX2E Exclusive to Lotus cars. with rear camera automatically displayed with V6 Exige CR Auto. Comparing to my 311 Motec C127 display, MX2e Is somewhat small(7"-->6") but same resolution TFT. And small number of display theme. But satisfactory to me.:-) below is after shift light setting manual gear 2ZR
  4. Hi... Happy New Years Greetings from Korea. 311 driving from Assetto Corsa in Neuburg ring Driver of LCK ; Inho Jeon (Lotus club of Korea) Now In Korea. Too cold (average -10 degree C) to drive 311 in Korean International track
  5. Hi Everyone. Great and fun event with 2-eleven at Inje Track. No Helmat No Glove No Driving Suite Best Regards
  6. Hi Everyone. Last Fall-Winter...... JKDENTAL from KOREA.
  7. HI... Even if 3-eleven road version, Not road legal in Korea. Bit this car is sequential race version. HI.. Of course, I will prepare passenger seats for you soon. Hi...Between you and me, There was external mic (Olympus) with gopro.
  8. Hi Everyone. Eventually I put My 3-eleven to Korean International F1 circuit. JKDENTAL From Korea
  9. Wonderful car of lotus lineup..!
  10. HI... Yes, It is Motec C127 display with option logger system Option for 3-eleven race version Examples are belows...
  11. HI Everyone. Now 2017 spring is come. With 17 race season Normal mode, Race mode, Practice mode, Warm up mode, Diagnostic mode, Gearbox mode Best Regards
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