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  1. Hi... Happy New Years Greetings from Korea. 311 driving from Assetto Corsa in Neuburg ring Driver of LCK ; Inho Jeon (Lotus club of Korea) Now In Korea. Too cold (average -10 degree C) to drive 311 in Korean International track
  2. Hi Everyone. Great and fun event with 2-eleven at Inje Track. No Helmat No Glove No Driving Suite Best Regards
  3. Hi Everyone. Last Fall-Winter...... JKDENTAL from KOREA.
  4. HI... Even if 3-eleven road version, Not road legal in Korea. Bit this car is sequential race version. HI.. Of course, I will prepare passenger seats for you soon. Hi...Between you and me, There was external mic (Olympus) with gopro.
  5. Hi Everyone. Eventually I put My 3-eleven to Korean International F1 circuit. JKDENTAL From Korea
  6. at-motorlife


    Wonderful car of lotus lineup..!
  7. HI... Yes, It is Motec C127 display with option logger system Option for 3-eleven race version Examples are belows...
  8. HI Everyone. Now 2017 spring is come. With 17 race season Normal mode, Race mode, Practice mode, Warm up mode, Diagnostic mode, Gearbox mode Best Regards
  9. Hi Everyone. Sorry Korean Language.:-( Click and see only photos.. JKDENTAL from KOREA.
  10. Hi Everyone. Sorry Korean Language.:-( Click and see only photos.. JKDENTAL from KOREA.
  11. Hi...Everyone.. A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year. After 6 weeks from delivery from Hethel, I received this 3-eleven race today. I'm very excited and happy for my self-Christmas present. I will upload more photos soon. :-) KakaoTalk_Video_20161225_1858_41_622.mp4
  12. Dear Pits. Yes... signature of members of lotus sports.... My Exige S V6 CupR is Black... Photos... 410HP(Dynamo data) under race with cupR (with aircooled charger, more more power loss at summer:-( (When can I but watercooled charger Exige S 400 with power steering?) :-) Due to underpower, Only 1st early 1-2 lap after start.....:-( But 1st... 1 hour endurance race :-) Red Cup is my colleague's And My 2-eleven with james trailer shuttle 3
  13. Dear Bibs. Thank you. I had waited almost 1 year and several months since ordering race version.:-(
  14. Hi.. Everyone My next Lotus track machine is being transferred within container? Waiting too many times almost 5-6 weeks? Best Regards White Balance Error...:-(
  15. at-motorlife


  16. Hi everyone. Peter had visited korea several weeks ago for car design semina. I got autograph of Peter... No Julian Thomson.
  17. Hi...Everyone I had preorderd 3-11 last year Nov. And Just time to confirm order.:-) But i can not decide color and road or racing. --->happy anxiety? In KOREA, Despites of road version, it can't get number plate, So I decided for racing version Power of Racing version with normal gearbox will be detuned to 410 compared with sequential gearboc(460) So Must I select sequential? For color selection, Is it good for motorsports green with yellow stripe?? Or better color suggestions? JKDENTAL from KOREA?
  18. Hi Everyone... Here are several photos My lotus were 2-eleven and Exige S British GT Total 15 lotus were participated with this challenge. brianjames race shuttle 3 trailer.
  19. HI... cup and cupR in Inje track... JKDENTAL
  20. Pierro... Is this laminova? Heat exchanger system? Oh. Too simple. Less effective.. I need more effective oil cooling.. JKDENTAL
  21. Bibs, Pierro I bought supercharger kits last week. and waiting with my another new toy Exige S cup. :-) A.Kent at Lotus sports suggested other method for oil cooling instead genuine oil cooling system due to massive installation work. NA evora already have laminova system? I did not know.:-( I am thinking of right upper side oil cooler without fan with big air duct. I usually enjoy track. So this evora will have a many track time.?-) JKDENTAL
  22. JKDENTAL from KOREA.   I had ordered supercharge kits for NA evora from Lotussports. Time to selection oy type of oil cooler type.   I don't want genuine oil cooler system (front mounted single or twin cooler because massive work is required.) So I think below methods. which oil cooling is good for me.   1. Simple laminova 2. conventional method in Right side engine room without fan 3, Exige s V6 cupR system in Right side engine room with fan.   Ecu control? Attached photo is GT4 ?? Please help me. more information to me...
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