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  1. Hello Everyone. Eventually 2014 Track season are opened. Here is 2-eleven at Korean International Circuit (Full Track) 13.April.2014 Driver : In-Ho Jeon (Driver of TEAM 365-ONE: One of Lotus Club of Korea Driver) JKDENTAL from KOREA.
  2. Hi everyone. Track festivals with lotus club of korea. And 1st track experiences with exige s v6 and cupR.
  3. KIMI,ROMAIN and others at KIC 2013 Korean GP JKDENTAL from KOREA
  4. Hi Everybody. Eventually I received my new CupR now. I will post photos of my lovely another lotus cupR soon. Behind building is my gallery for LOTUS. JKDENTAL from KOREA.
  5. Thank you.. I bought 400TVS from BOE last year. But not installed. After install to my Exige, I will post at this forums... JKDENTAL from KOREA. Yes I want to drive Esprit US last version. But too difficult to me... Front 4-5 cars should be moved outward.. JKDENTAL from KOREA Thank you for your appraise to me... JKDENTAL from KOREA. Thank you.. I need Exige S1 eagerly.. Would you mind introducing good Exige S1??? JKDENTAL
  6. Bibs.. Thank you... I will posting after receiving packages. JKDENTAL from KOREA. Thank you. I selected BK between Aspen White, Motorsports green and Motorsports black.. If not cupR, I will select Aspen White maybe... JKDENTAL Than you for your appreciation... JKDENTAL from KOREA Thank you... JKDENTAL
  7. Hi.. Thank you... I am very exciting for waiting for receiving my toy.... I gave up of gold decals. I thought gold decals are good for Evora but not good for short Exige???? JKDENTAL from KOREA. Oh...Bibs.. To my disappointment, I did not receive any packages for recent 2 orders..... Where are them? JKDENTAL
  8. How are you...Bibs I am waiting for more 7 months from order at Dec. 2012.
  9. Hello... JKDENTAL from KOREA. Here are some photos in Lotussports. Exige S V6 cupR
  10. Hi... Everyone. Greetings form KOREA. Enjoy my lotus collections. from Korea Portal site "" car section today
  11. Hi.. Why all 2-eleven overtake cup R? And can not keep up with 2-11? Regards JKDENTAL from KOREA
  12. HI.. Awosome Blue Exige S1.. Owner?? Lotus sports? JKDENTAL
  13. LOTUS 2-Eleven (2007) Date Added: 26 November 2009 - 12:14 AM Owner: at-motorlife Short Description: Launching Version View Vehicle
  14. Lotus 340r (2000) Date Added: 04 May 2010 - 09:35 PM Owner: at-motorlife Short Description: LHD #99 View Vehicle
  15. LOTUS Elise S2 (2001) Date Added: 21 September 2012 - 09:21 PM Owner: at-motorlife Short Description: K engineMy First Lotus View Vehicle
  16. LOTUS Evora Naomi Haiti Version (2011) Date Added: 21 September 2012 - 09:07 PM Owner: at-motorlife Short Description: For Haiti Earthquake Charity versionWhite ribbonNaomi Cambell View Vehicle
  17. Dear Bibs... Thank you. I have a headache for selecting options..:-(
  18. Hi Everyone... I'm JKDENTAL from KOREA. Too many time has passed before feeling new car leather smell. :-) Last Lotus was Evora Naomi Haiti version. I almost decided to order Exige S Cup. (Instead Normal Exige S) Please let me know the option differences between Trackday and competition version. Full roll bar? FIA 6 harness and fixed seat? Trofeo Tires? And Which color is proper for cup? PS. Bibs.. I had contacted with stratton.:-) Guy Munday and Robert Chapman Thank you. Photo : At stratton last year for LDA AT LDA center is me....hahahaha
  19. Hi Everyone. It's my 2-eleven. (Launching version) Car : 1st Track On (No Shock setting, 06 old 048 tire ) Driver : 1st Drive (1st Driver of Lotus Racing Team "TEAM 365-ONE" Best Lap Time : 1.28.50 Possible potential : maybe 1: 26 [media=]
  20. DDGT is sponsered by Hankook tire, So we should use hankook tire. We can not use LTS 048. rear 225 RS3 , front 195 S1 Evo (non exist 195 rs3 sports tire) S1 evo is no sports tire but rs3 is almost semislick like 048. very good....... So We will try front 17 inch for next round. Track length is almost half of F1 track. so about 3.08Km Driver is 1st driver of our team. Average record of our team of Exige S 240 is 1min. 33-35sec.. JKDENTAL from KOREA.
  21. Hi everyone Our amatuer racing team "TEAM 365-ONE" had attended lotus challange and Time trial at F1 track last week. Exige cup 260, British GT, S 240 were 1,2,3 ranks at coresponding class. JKDENTAL from KOREA. PS. can you see this video? Fantastic driving skill???
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