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  1. Dear Bibs... Thank you..:-) Can you send your E-mail address to me? Some problems with Evora indoor cover :-( Can I find e-mail address in shopping mall? JKDENTAL from KOREA.
  2. Dear Everyone. I eventually brought on Naomi Evora from Koream Customs yesterday afternoon. :-) But to my dissappointment, There are slight several omitting color scheme.:-( No Haiti flag on roof. side door No gold colored muffler tip, side mirror, surround plate around gear lever etc,.... No purple stitches on seat... Compare with real Naomi Evora and Sample Naoim Evora.. But I am very happy to add naomi evora to my lotus collections. After car wach and PPT film, I will post precise views for you. JKDENTAL From KOREA.
  3. Dear Everyone. I'm sorry to posting F1 photos too late. previous week, I was very busy due to F1, Naomi Evora, BMR Supercharger install to Elise R. Here is pit of LOTUS just before final... The man with me is Christian Paukketat : Territory Manager Soith/East Asia Fortunately I had pass for paddock club, Pit, pit building... :-) It was wonderful and fantastic experiences to me. JKDENTAL From KOREA.
  4. Hi Everyone. Eventually, I first met Naomi Evora at Korean Customs :-) After a few day, I will post my new evora photos. Regards JKDENTAL from KOREA.
  5. Hi Everyone... I am very excited waiting Korean GP. :-) My lotuses will be at Motorzone for Exbition purpose. 2-11, 340r, Esprit V8, Exige S BGT SE, Elise S1 (4-5 cars) My Naomi Evora will be arrived 21.Oct, so can't exhibit Evora. :-( And I am invited briefing for Exos F1 cars EXOS directly from Lotus representatives. But He said real Exos could not bring to Fi korean GP. I am very expected to entering to VVIP SKY Room. :-) LOTUS F1 TEAM PS.Can I get hi resolution file for lotus F1 cars with Trulli, Kovalainen? I will get for an autograph in that large poster. Hi Bibs..
  6. Hello... This is JKDENTAL from KOREA. I am restoring lotus elan m100, elise s1, KIA elan and more cars... But frustratingly, I can not buy several important patrs for do that jobs. Where can I obtain obsolete parts for Elan M100, Elise S1? Especially real lamps of Elan M100. I had bought LOTUS ELISE S1 (MK1) SILL COVERS in RED via ebay. (roytandoori):-) Some ther parts from ebay, stratton sj, lotuscenter.., too. No answer from Douglas Vally Beakers. :-( Where can I buy neccessary parts conveniently? JKDENTAL from KOREA.
  7. Hello... My LOTUS Collections without 2-eleven. My Evora will be soon.................:-) JKDENTAL from KOREA
  8. Hello... My 340R LHD #99 JKDENTAL from KOREA.
  9. Malc There are more or almost all lotuses in SEOUL. In lotusclub of korea, 1-2 elisea in Incheon and Gwangju. :-( ClubHouse of LCK(Lotusclub KOREA) in located in 365-1, Pyeongchang Dong, Jongno Gu in SEOUL. Please check I am looking forward to meeting you in my lotus gallery... Very Thanks
  10. Dear Everyone. I received below e-mail several day ago and I received documents now. I already ordered orange Evora. And This Naomi Evora is more epensive.... What Shall I do??? -------------------------------------------------- Hi JaeKyoon Congratulations! Your bid for one of the “Naomi for Haiti” Lotus Evoras has been successful. Thank you for your generous support of this charity, the proceeds from the auction will be used for important projects to help women and babies affected by the earthquake in Haiti. Please see attached a press release about the amount that has be
  11. Hello Everyone!! There was a great meeting for Inauguration Ceremony in MOTORLIFE in SEOUL. Clubhouse establishment for ClubLOTUS and Club FERRARI in KOREA. I am looking forward to good relation for two sportscar club. PS. Bibs..Can You make room for lotusclub of korea in this forum?
  12. Hello..

    Good Morning

    Can I buy lotus parts from LOTUSCARS with discount price?



  13. Hi.. Good morning. misspell? :-( I received E-mail from Russel today, Thanks. And I received orderd various items shopped via Forumshop yesterday, too. Regards. JKDENTAL from KOREA.
  14. Dear Bibs.. Why no Answer from [email protected] ??? JKDENTAL Also fron A. kent and G. Russell ( they must have disliked me. )
  15. Thank you. I'll show my lotus collections soon. JKDENTAL the doughnut is not my work... JKDENTAL
  16. Hello everyone. My 2-11 modeo car (1/43) bought from eBAY. And another lotus car... And My collections JKDENTAL from KOREA
  17. Hi...Bibs I forgot my Esprit Registration. Here is my Esprit USA Version V8 Turbo. JKDENTAL (JAE-KYOON JEONG) in SEOUL, KOREA.
  18. Thank you Bibs. Due to OBD II [ No allowance e-OBD in KOREA :-( ] I can not receive EVORA yet. Now I heard that USA version (OBD II)would be availavle soon. So I expect to get New Collection of Orange Evora for my gallery :-). Regards JKDENTAL from KOREA. PS. I bought Elise S1 several months ago. And I would like to buy Exige S1. do you have recommended car? I am very interested with this car, But some problems in photo. Is it normal?
  19. Hi Everyone. With help of Nick and Lotussports, Bibs, simonwq905.... I eventually solve blistering problems of my 2-eleven. Many Thanks JKDENTAL from KOREA Waiting Evora
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