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  1. I am very very eagerly waiting to get Evora. the 7th LOTUS or Lotus related car. Good luck with launch. L O T U S JKDENTAL from KOREA.
  2. Dear Bibs Of course, I want to get as soon as possible for Evora. But LOTUS in Korea hesitate importing EOBD Evora due to homologation problems. I can not wait 2010 for US version (OBD II) Can I buy EVORA with first delivery to Europe? JKDENTAL in KOREA
  3. Hello. There was Lotus Evora Launching show in LK motros, SEOUL, KOREA. And to my dissapointment, Can not order for European version of Evora.due to missing OBD II. I want crome orange body,Beige seat with red stitch, forged black wheel,Short Gear...............
  4. Nick..Sorry to hear the bad news , hope you get well soon Take care of yourself. JKDENTAL
  5. Dear Nick, Scotty C Thanks you. I had received E-mail from Turner for paint code and confirm mail for decals and grill. I would like to buy various tuning items now. and had sent E-mail to Adrian kent with wishing lists I want. Best Regards JKDENTAL in KOREA.
  6. Dear Nick.. I can contact you via E-mail. I had sent E-mail regarding decal and grill.. And ...... Neil E.S. Turner : no response for this issues. Adrian kent : no respons efor pruchasing various items including tonneau cover ...
  7. Dear Nick, Manny.. Thank you for help for my Recaro seat problems. I will wait for carbon HANS seat..... After installing new hans seat, Recore seat will be applied to my another lotus. :-) **Temporarilly, Can I change driver's Recaro seat with passenger narrower seat for front positioning of driver seat? ** JKDENTAL
  8. Hi Nick. Despite my Recaro seat is fully forward position, I can not depress cluch pedal fully. No more front position due to interference between Rt. side wing and Lt. side of centerconsole. (170cm tall. short height) Can this HANS seat be soluion for this situation?
  9. Welcome Nick..... Nice to met you in 2elevenforum. I'm in KOREA. JKDENTAL
  10. Dear Nick, Bibs, simonwq905 and all lotusMANIA Thank you all everybody who loves LOTUS. I heard from NICK that LOTUS sports decided free changes for my blisteted 2-eleven boby. (Affected Rear and Right side Panel) -------------- We will send you, free of charge, a replacement rear bumper panel and right hand bodyside for your car. These will be complete with all internal brackets and grilles, but they will not be painted. We will also supply, free of charge, a set of decals to match those on the affected panels on your car. You will have to arrange to get the replacement panels painted l
  11. Hello I received E-mail The sports light roll cage assy is available at a cost of
  12. Dear Bibs Can I Upgrade my 2-eleven from KOREA? Just send ECU and waiting? JKDENTAL
  13. Dear Bibs.. Many Thanks for concering about my 2-eleven. I have some problems bucause thera was not LOTUS dealer when I bought 2- eleven. But Now, there are LK motors; authorized dealer in KOREA. Thanks..
  14. Dear simonwq905.. My 2-eleven is spreading blistering to whole body... I have received kind helpful mail from lotussports Nick...:-) I am looking forword to positive answer for correcting this problems. Thanks. Dear LOTUSsports and Nick. and LOTUSManis............. I have received kind email from Nick. So I can solve the misunderstandings between LOTUS and Me. I felt LOTUSsports(Nick) will do everything he can to help me get this resolved. My misinderstanding was arised form my no idea in fact that there are lotuscar and lotussports separately. Anyway I will correct
  15. My Indoor cover for 2-eleven from Specialized cover (I ordered My 5 cars, so D/C to 250--->212) Red is 340R Yellow door mirror pocket is Exige S BritishGT
  16. Body Blistering? My 2-11, too. When I bought it 2008/Mar, There are no authorized dealer in KOREA. Lotussports pass this problems to european dealer....... And Dealer in europe, Reject solving this problems. I should repaint whole body to much expenses in 10km total mileage I have 340r,2-11,elise S2,Exige S British GT,04 Esprit V8, anf even 7 But LOTUS does not care me. indifferent to me, even never mind. hahahah
  17. 54 launch Edition/Track Pack JaeKyoon Jeong SEOUL.KOREA
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