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  1. Dear Everyone.

    How are you doing because of the Chinese corona.


    AIM MX2E Exclusive to Lotus cars.
    with rear camera automatically displayed with V6 Exige CR Auto.

    Comparing to my 311 Motec C127 display, MX2e Is somewhat small(7"-->6") but same resolution TFT.
    And small number of display theme. But satisfactory to me.:-)


    below is after shift light setting manual gear 2ZR



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  2. 18 hours ago, Buddsy said:

    And they can be road legal?!!

    Epic :wub:



    Even if 3-eleven road version, Not road legal in Korea.
    Bit this car is sequential race version. :cry:

    3 hours ago, LF1 No. 48 said:

    What a wonderful sound!  :thumbsup:

    Please let me take a ride in the passenger seat.:driving:


    Of course, I will prepare passenger seats for you soon. <_<

    19 hours ago, Bibs said:


    Noisy too! 

    Hi...Between you and me, There was external mic (Olympus) with gopro.:secret:

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  3. Can Lotus Motorsport not tell you the answer? As they sold you the kit (i thought that was not happening actually?)

    The NA car already has a single small laminova.

    Is this for street or track use?

    If you where to put it in the RHS duct you would need the slatted engine cover instead if the glass to manage engine bay temps. The RHS duct is the primary source of cooling air into the bay. A bigger laminvoa is interesting but Zlotys must have considered it so ask them why not? If its cost then thats likely the way forward.

    Bibs, Pierro

    I bought supercharger kits last week. and waiting with my another new toy Exige S cup. :-)

    A.Kent at Lotus sports suggested other method for oil cooling instead genuine oil cooling system due to massive installation work.


    NA evora already have laminova system? I did not know.:-(


    I am thinking of right upper side oil cooler without fan with big air duct.

    I usually enjoy track. So this evora will have a many track time.?-)




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