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  1. Very nice! Thanks for sharing:-)

    Any video of the cars on track?

    Now uploading to youtube

    I will post link soon.


    Now THAT is a collection!

    Thank you.

    I always can not live without LOTUS. fun.gif

    Which is your favourite?


    My favorate is Evora Naomi Haiti version.

    But 2013, Esprit will take out its positon.guitar.gifsweat.gif

    I'd be interested in seeing some comparative lap times, nice collection !


    But my driving technique is poor.

    So Iwill upload my colleague's driving video.

  2. Hi Everyone.

    I'm President of Lotus Club of KOREA.

    Members of LCK had visited LOTUS DRIVING ACADEMY(LDA) last week 22~23(Fri~Sat) April,2011.

    We (16 persons of lotus owner) used full track all 2 days with 4 Elises and 2 Evora S.

    LDA had made customized schedules for us to 8 expert drives and 8 intermediate and novice drivers.

    In short of schedule....

    Total 6 track driving sessions with a instructor (with Elise 1.6 and Evora S)

    Semo Lap with Instructors

    Factory tour

    Delicious lunches


    tail braking..

    Over, under steer

    Classic team lotus tour and shoppping



    Kind simple beer party from lotuscars after event


    With 4 Instructors, 1 LDA coordinator, 1 LDA project assistant, 2 LDA hostesses.

    We had very excited and useful and wonderful days at Hethel with passionate, kind professional instructors.

    Delicious lunch and Evora IPS load experiences...

    We had taken large amounts of photos , video and GoPro HD Cam.

    After editing datas, I will upload interesting Photos...

    Here are some samples...

    Thank you.


    Lotus Club of KOREA (LCK)


    Preparation to go to London

    IN Incheon Airport

    In rent a car

    Into LOTUS at LDA

    prepared 5 elises and 5 Evora S

    1st meeting with Instructors

    preparing 1st track session

    at rest

    2nd day briefing


    2nd day track session

    at Classic team lotus

    Evora S driving

    Closing ceremony and Gift, Plaque appreciation

    At rest

    Norwich sight seeing

    Luxury bed and bathroom in London



    To my lovely home...


  3. HI.....

    There were LCK Monthly Regular Meeting at SEOUL.

    Highway, Winding and Breakfast at top of Mt.YuMyeong.

    Chat with LCK membet at MOTORLIFE gallery...



    14-16 Members of LCK are going to visit LOTUS for driving academy

    at 21 April to 23 April and do sightseeing of London and Paris.

    I am very exciting for this LCK's driving expperiences.

  4. M

    Thank you for concern my evora.

    There are several Evora Footmat :

    Part No: LOTAC05497 (RHD)

    LOTAC05498 (LHD)

    (See Dealers for Further Details)

    Part No: LOTAC05524 (LHD)

    (See Dealers for Further Details)

    Part No: LOTAC05523 (Federal)

    I ordered 5523.

    My Naomi Evora is USA version for korean obligation problems.

    In KOREA, USA OBD II must be installed for obligation.

    I selected Naomi Evora for collecting car with other lotus 340r, 2-11, Esprit V8 (last USA version etc..)

    This car is for display purpose. So I need protection for any human touch...

    White soft leather seat, White brake caliper, sweade wheel arch lining...


  5. Hello again.

    My Loving Lotus was started with KIA ELAN 1997.

    When I knew KIA elan was originated from Lotus elan M100, I studyed hard about lotuscars.

    And After I first saw Elise s1, s2 in Australia. I decided to buy lotus.

    In 2001, I bought first lotus S2 long tail version. " 1st Elise in KOREA"

    Since then, When I earned some money, I got up lotuses.

    elise S2, 340R, Exige S BGT SE, Esprit V8, 2- eleven, Super7, Elise S1, Elan M100....

    And Finally Evora Naomi version.

    I am eagerly looking Exige S1

    Expecting 13 New esprit and Elan , I am working hard for more money...

    To me, Lotus is my only concern (not golf, liquid, Audio..any other hobby..).

    Have a niceday






  6. ok, so now I'm think of painting my garage walls in green & yellow......the wife is going to :censored:

    Car looks great :thumbsup:

    Does no-one have an Esprit in the Lotus Club of KOREA? couldn't see one in the photos.

    Jay has a couple I think, he's certainly got a final edition out there! :)


    In KOREA. There are 2 Esprit V8 Blacks.

    One in my '03 US final version.

    Another one is '00 V8

    post-5894-007310200 1288652728.jpg

    post-5894-097049200 1288652737.jpg

    post-5894-035036900 1288652754.jpg

    post-5894-041592100 1288652768.jpg

    post-5894-038519100 1288653061.jpg

    post-5894-090771000 1288653083.jpg

  7. Dear Everyone.

    I eventually brought on Naomi Evora from Koream Customs yesterday afternoon. :-)

    But to my dissappointment,

    There are slight several omitting color scheme.:-(

    No Haiti flag on roof. side door

    No gold colored muffler tip, side mirror, surround plate around gear lever etc,....

    No purple stitches on seat...

    Compare with real Naomi Evora and Sample Naoim Evora..

    But I am very happy to add naomi evora to my lotus collections.

    After car wach and PPT film, I will post precise views for you.


    post-5894-011601300 1288181064.jpg

    post-5894-026870600 1288181184.jpg

    post-5894-082645700 1288181208.jpg

    post-5894-040589400 1288181255.jpg

    post-5894-017391400 1288181295.jpg

    post-5894-083367800 1288181317.jpg

    post-5894-017387200 1288181380.jpg

    post-5894-045331700 1288181416.jpg

    post-5894-006882600 1288181447.jpg

  8. Dear Everyone.

    I'm sorry to posting F1 photos too late.

    previous week, I was very busy due to F1, Naomi Evora, BMR Supercharger install to Elise R.

    Here is pit of LOTUS just before final...

    The man with me is Christian Paukketat : Territory Manager Soith/East Asia

    Fortunately I had pass for paddock club, Pit, pit building... :-)

    It was wonderful and fantastic experiences to me.


    post-5894-023640400 1288179607.jpg

    post-5894-068248000 1288179622.jpg

    post-5894-004473000 1288179647.jpg

    post-5894-090978500 1288179669.jpg

    post-5894-044565300 1288179684.jpg

    post-5894-096955100 1288179703.jpg

    post-5894-061545300 1288179746.jpg

    post-5894-055759600 1288179760.jpg

    post-5894-059204000 1288179774.jpg

    post-5894-054617400 1288179819.jpg

    post-5894-016235600 1288179880.jpg

    post-5894-026764800 1288180000.jpg

    post-5894-043019900 1288180045.jpg

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