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  1. If you are UK based then a canister from an MGF, or many of the Rovers of that age, has the same solenoid valve so is a direct replacement though quite a bit smaller in size. They were used on the 2.7ltr V6 in the Rover 600 so should cope with the V8. I believe Lotus used these in early Elise's. Still available new or used on Ebay... My Valve stopped functioning and through up a fault so I ended up replacing the complete canister with the above... Hope this helps
  2. Well this is amazing timing.... My car has just started doing exactly as described above. Dying 5-10 seconds after startup..... With the OBD2 connected I get the Secondary Fuel pump Relay on but the Primary pump Relay is on for about 5 seconds and then switches off.... the car then dies a few seconds after that... All fuses checked and Relays swapped about but no difference.... Does this mean the fuel pump is dead or the ECU does not want to switch it on..??? I also get Coolant Re-circulation Relay open circuit (Error P1470) + Errors P0444 and P0154 which I don't think are related but I would be interested to know about them.... Just as an after thought I Don't have a schrader valve for fuel pressure testing but much larger valve similar to a schrader but one i have not seen before.... Cheers Gary
  3. Very late to this but it does all sound familiar.... Would it be possible to remove deck, drives shafts and fuel cross over pipe and jack the engine up enough to allow the pipes to pass underneath.... You would still have to remove the gear stick etc to guide the new pipes through and possibly to remove the zip ties, as stated above, that the fitters at lotus put in the backbone... At least you don't have to remove the engine completely... Like yourself I found a leak in one of the Rad pipes AFTER I had re-built the whole back end... I guess disturbing the pipes was enough to make them leak...!!! But I had to take the engine out again to fix it..!!
  4. Axminster Specialist Panels.... He did a beautiful job of a pair of tanks for my V8 and I believe he makes tanks for the whole Esprit range.... The workmanship is excellent..... Gary
  5. I have tried to download the file to both XP and Win7 and in both cases I get file is invalid..... Tried saving and opening from directory and I am told the Zip is empty..!! Has anybody any ideas - am I doing something wrong..??? Am trying to get my rebuilt engine started after 3 years of the car being in pieces and I get pops bangs and the odd backfire but no joy. Am desperate to see if I have any simple error codes/faults. Cheers Gary
  6. Garibaldi2112

    Fan cowling

    Hi I have a complete fan pack from a V8 GT (compatible with all cars 93 on..??) but dont know if it will fit your S3. Fans all work and GRP parts are sound... steal fan surrounds are tatty but could be shot off and powder coated etc. Any good..?? Cheers Gary
  7. Dave If you are still looking for replacement oil coolers for your V8 have a word with Serck Motorsport in Hayes, Middlesex 020 88137470. Check out their web site and look for Elise oil cooler... They are axactly the same as the coolers fitted to the V8 Esprit. I went up to them with one of my coolers and had a look at their drawings.... Fittings can be of your choise so you can get away from the BSP fittings on the Esprit. In the end I managed to save my original oil coolers so did not need to buy new.... If I had had to replace I was going for a pair of these... Cheers Gary
  8. Looking for a pair of GT3/V8-GT bucket seats to replace my armchairs in the V8. Structural condition good but cosmetic not so essential as will be re-trimmed Also a couple of pounds of rocking horse poo if you happen to have any...!! Cheers Gary
  9. The shims are shown as Item 5 in section 47.03 Transmission Assembly of the V8 Service Parts List But I can only find a description of there use in section FG when re-fitting the box to a 4 pot engine...!!!
  10. Hi all...looking for some advice I am soon to mate my gearbox to a 2nd V8 engine.... Not the one that came out of the car. I notice there are a number a shims in the parts manual to be fitted on the bottom bolts to aid alignment. My original engine/gearbox combo had no shims fitted... How do I determine what size shims I need to correctly align the gearbox and new engine..?? The gearbox has the GTO kit fitted so I believe alignment is crucial. Cheers Gary
  11. John The Setrab coolers on a V8 have a 1/2 BSP thread cut in to them for the adapter (after market Setrab coolers are normally M22). The fittings into the Oil Filter Housing on the Engine are 5/8 BSP. The hoses themselves are 1/2 BSP but if you are replacing all then you can choose -10 JIC, -12 JIC or 1/2 BSP as you like, you just need to buy the corresponding fittings... I am doing a complete re-build of the car at the moment and as I have some parts left over from previous jobs I am using 5/8 BSP to -12JIC on filter housing and -12 JIC to 1/2 BSP on the coolers.... Hose ends are all -12 JIC Cheers Gary
  12. A quick question to the many that have done this before.... I am trying to remove the appalling rusty dampers off my 99 V8 GT to replace them with the latest offering from the 2006 Lotus suspension program... It is my intention to powder coat the rusty suspencion as part of this process... I have removed the top nuts and even with the use of spring compressors I can’t seem to unload the rear damper enough to remove the lower bush from the stud behind the upright. Can’t believe you need to remove the stud to change a damper which should be a service item. It seems the spring may be rusted into the mount on the chassis. I have not resorted to big levers and hammers yet.... thought I would consult the oracle first..... Any thoughts...??? Cheers Gary
  13. Hi all Am considering a big brake conversion which I know fits within the 17" Mag wheels but I just want to confirm it will fit inside the AWI 17" wheels that I have on my GT V8 at the mo... Does anybody have an idea of inner wheel diameters for these two..? Cheers Gary
  14. Mike Thanks for the reply to my questions regarding more power from the V8...... I will be back at some point with more specific questions in the near future... if it isn’t too much trouble I would be interested in a price with carriage etc for your black leather seats..... I am ideally looking to fit some S350 style buckets (need the head room for a helmet if I am to track the car) but these would at least get interior looking the way I would prefer... Cheers Gary
  15. Chris / Mike Long shot I know but I have a 99GT with a black interior and magnolia SE seats which are fine but not quite to my taste..... I would like to fit a pair of 350 bucket seats BUT if arrangements could be made and it turned out to be financially fairly neutral for me I would happily sell my magnolia seats to Chris and acquire the black pair from Mike..... Any thoughts.... Cheers Gary
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