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  1. I'm afraid that will never become a classic.Over complicated with too many electronics that go wrong. In time it will not be a vehicle that will endear to the enthusiast. This on the other hand from Landrover will and has...... 50th V8
  2. Classic Range Rovers are already reaching this status now. A mint CSK recently sold for....wait for it.........................................
  3. When i'm down your neck of the woods,your more than welcome to be commander.
  4. Its very hard to come by any of the Ford, Lloyd,or Windsor carriers for anthing near decent money. Personally i would go for something like this...... This is my Daimler Ferret................ Powered by a 4.2 Rolls Royce engine. It can do 65mph forward and reverse. Only managed 45mph in reverse so far before my nerve gave out. This one was one of 25 ex BOAR rescued from a belgium dealers yard. still used today by the Jordainian Defence Force.
  5. No. Its still his car. He just doesnt have the time for it due to the nature of his job. Its been left with me to look after.
  6. Well the smell of petrol seems to be sorted. Blocked breather. We have played around with the linkages and it seems to be a lot better.Not totally precise. But a lot better than before. Regarding the interior. The previous owner had the seats re-covered last year at a cost of £1600. The smell of leather hits you as soon as you climb in.
  7. Sorry to break the thread slightly. But simon can you link me to some photos of the gorgeous Esprit on the right in your profile pics and some background info. Mark Mod: quote of previous post not necessary
  8. What are the weak points to look for??. It seems fuel tanks could be one. Anything else??. If anyone is in the S.E. London/Kent area and willing to let me have a llok at one and talk me through a few things i would be more than grateful.
  9. I do like the look of those.I went some years ago with the quad conversion ones on the Cerbera.They use the Hella units.The pods in which they sit are abit flimsy. but once behind the covers you would never tell.....
  10. What would the annual running cost be?? and the ones ive seen around the
  11. Can anyone give advice and tips on the V8 model??? What to avoid. And what to look for??. Ive heard that early ones suffered with engine trouble?? Is this true? And would that have been solved by now?? I have looked on Esprit world and seen some early 96 cars priced around the £12-£13 thousand marque. Are these potential money pits. Or is that what the market values them at now??. What are the annual running costs per annum?? And finally. I have heard from a few that the Sport 300 was regarded as the best Esprit ever made. What makes it better than the V8??. Sorry for all the questions. Any advice and help would be most appreciated.
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