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  1. Lotus has had in the past quite a few design concepts or sportscar proposal by italian designers in the 70's-80's and 90's. I've found a few design renderings and pictures of these concepts, the first being the 4dr. sedan designed by Paolo Martin in 1981. other sketches.
  2. I would like to thank you all for the very warm welcome in this forum...... , and will try to save for my dream lotus Esprit, or go wild and create my own version of a modern Esprit design........ Grazie Brian.... Thanks Dom, will sure have some experience after we're done with the seven, to move towards more complex sportscars.....
  3. Hello everyone, my name is Italo and I've always admired the lotus engineering ethos in road and sportscar design. I live 5km from the Monza race circuit, and go often to watch classic and sportcar racing events. I also like bespoke and specialist sportscars and kitcars, and with a few friends we're in the process of building our bespoke seven replica inspired sportscar design. One day I would love to have a classic Esprit, but for now I will have to just dream about it...... Ciao Italo
  4. I would think that a v6 could be a nice balance between a v8 and 4 cylinder engine, and maybe have an hybrid option with it.
  5. not sure, but you never know if a concept car like this develops into a production car.
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