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  1. Hi Steve I havent seen your reply to this here above. Actually just pm'ed you with another photo of the seats. But now seeing that you already ansered my question here. So the left one is a US seat. Though wonder why the passenger seat would be an euro style? Do anyone in here have a euro seat in surplus? Thanks Lars
  2. It is a US. but the thing is that it is only one of the seats?
  3. I am having the interior for my 84 TE refurbished. When the upholster began working on the seats, he noticed that the passenger seat (LHD car) was a bit more narrow at the side bolster than the drivers seat. Looks like the foam has been trimmed. During removal I didnt noticed a difference, but looking at a picture, the drivers seat looks a bit darker in colour. I hace checked the seats in my 82 TE (UK model) They are both having the wider bolster. I belive that both seats should have the wide bolster. But can anyone in here shed a light on this question?
  4. I received a quote from Alunox for a complete system for a G. Quite more than I expected!
  5. Thanks Giorgio Recall that I have seen this before, but not in this good resolution. How did you made this up? A great candidate to be printet on A3 and laminated. Really great diagram, even for the Turbo. In all honestly, I was googling for Turbo Esprit, and not S3. The issue that I have with the wiring is that it has been cut and modified to accomodate several mods. And actually an impressive stereo, amplifier, surround, filter etc. installation. Though all this has been done gently and professional, I want to revert back to original shape before I start to tie in my additions requiring electrical sources. Lars
  6. Who are you to judge my unwillingnes to help myself; and how dare you? In my world a quit offending statement! My 1984 Turbo Esprit is now completely dismantled except main wiring harness, steering column, body and a few cables. This is going through a full restoration. I have the experience and knowledge to do so. But do reach out for Lotus explicit issues. So tell me why I should not rely on others, if in need or in doubt? Am I wrong in presuming that a forum like is to share knowledge, ideas and experience, insights, proven and practical suggestion and solutions. And not at least collaborate in a common interest in restoring, repairing, upgrading and maintaining Lotus Esprit's?
  7. Thank you very much. But why didn't you post the link in first place, instead of this condescending comments about 20 sec search time? I do have the manual, but not with these single sheets. Reason reaching out for help in this Lotus forum; and not googling for another manual. Googling is a matter of the right search word, which for me in this case did not include the word manual. What confuses me here is that the printet manual I have do not include the single sheets as page 447 in your link, but the sheets from page 471 onwards. Problem and searched solved! Thanks to everybody.
  8. This exactly what I am looking for. Really appreciate a copy of it. Is this from a manual? Thanks
  9. I have the manual, but it does not have a single sheet schelatics. Hence I naturally ask in a Lotus forum!
  10. I am not looking for the manual. But a single sheet schematic.
  11. Does anyone have a wiring diagram suitable for a 1984 Turbo Esprit? Looking for a more complete schematic on a single sheet.
  12. Any idea of how to remove the locking cylinder barrel from the glove compartment cover? Why do photos rotate 90 degree? How can I correct this?
  13. How is the emmited light distribution with these. Even?
  14. naasaa

    Which carb

    My 1984 Turbo Esprit from US has DHLA45.
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