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  1. He is asking under this section, which is for Giugiaro Esprits!
  2. Was supposed to be a reply to "Can I use diesel in the Esprit then? "
  3. NO! And dont ask how I know that 😞
  4. I have fitted them, and reamed to spec. I beleive that they content some copper. They are kind of redish in color, and a bit crisp. I think they are a generic high spec valve guide, with a reces for a valve stem seal. They are equal to the ones fitted in my 1982, but I have fitted seals. I must add that I with this engine encountered a sticking valve 4 or 5 times just efter some bust runs with boost. Leaving the engine running on 3 cylinders. Scary, but no harm. So I do consider to continue without seals and benefit better lubrication of the valve.
  5. What I mend is that last time I rebuild a 910 I did receive and used seals. But this time Garry didnt supply them with the new guides. I havent succeeded in reaching Garry. But I got on hold with Pete from PNM, and he does not use seals when he rebuild engines. Many engines were made in the past without seals. I just dont want that puf of blue smoke, and dont want to fowl the spark plug. @Chillidoggyhave you run your engine yet without seals?
  6. I actually received the seals from Garry when I made my 1982 TE. Thats why I raised the question; to go with or without seals.
  7. What is the general consensus in use of valve stem seal in a 910 intake side? I have fitted Garry Kemps valve guides, but have no seals. Lars
  8. This is good news. I do found these to suit the car quite well, despite the lower circumferenece. Do you mind asking the owner of his sincer opinion for these tires. Here I have the higher engine rev's and filling of the wheel arch due to lower profile in mind. Thanks
  9. Never seen these venting/pressure equalizing pipes between carb and plenum before!
  10. I am waiting for an answer from the same vendor on torque setting for the ARP cylinder head studs. So far 1 week has passed!
  11. There is also Mickey Thompson. but no idea about how this tire behaves, and there is no suitable size for front tires.
  12. 17” is a good option, but spoils the shape and look of the beefy rubber 15” wheels. But do offer a variety of good street performance tires However, I much prefer the original 15” BBS. To me, the tires on the Green Esprit looks like these Toyo
  13. As said, I am aware that they have a smaller circumference. I will call the speedo off; not way off. Its not that accurate anyway. The thing is that I like the 15" wheels, with plenty rubber. But there is not many alternatives when it comes to proper tires. I had the Continental, which is a great tire, but I am loosing grip. Now I have BF Goodrich, and for me; they are the nono. Propably great on a Ford Explorer. but do not have the same road feel as the Continental. In regards to the engines higher rev, I wish that I could find a better suitable tyre with the original ratio. But I havent. Hence I am curious for the Toyo R888, and is reaching out for someone with real life experience with these tyres. I think that this beatufyl green Lotus has Toyo r888 tires. The tread pattern look so.
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