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  1. I could use a complete carpet set for the boot, for my US 84. including the durrounding for the firewall window. Lars
  2. Pan Did you followed this further? Lars
  3. Citric acid is slow in use, but safe. though it needs some temperature for reaction.
  4. How did you set the right angel for the ball joint in relation to the lower arm?
  5. Difficult to see at the picture. But is there enough meet in the ball jount so that it would be posible to drill through and insert a locking pin, instead of welding?
  6. Might be better of calibrating your Torque wrench, than using 3 different ones. all depending ob brand, they can be quite delicate in use.
  7. naasaa


    What Jon mention regards a lean mixture might a point check. I installed a lambda sensor and found that I consistently is running lean under boost. it is happening about 3500-3700 rpm. Havent solved it yet, thoug being going thrue the carbs numeral times. gave up and purchased EFI throttle bodies!
  8. naasaa

    Front bumper S3

    Thats were I got the rear bumper. And a seat.
  9. naasaa

    Front bumper S3

    You might be right, but regardless I have found the rear bumper!
  10. naasaa

    Front bumper S3

    This is an option. though I would like an original used bumper.
  11. naasaa

    Front bumper S3

    Hi In need for a fiber glass front bumper for an S3/Turbo Esprit. Does anyone have one to spare, or know where to source one? Lars
  12. Dont forget, or underestimate, the significans of the turbos higher torque.
  13. Hi Steve I havent seen your reply to this here above. Actually just pm'ed you with another photo of the seats. But now seeing that you already ansered my question here. So the left one is a US seat. Though wonder why the passenger seat would be an euro style? Do anyone in here have a euro seat in surplus? Thanks Lars
  14. It is a US. but the thing is that it is only one of the seats?
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