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  1. naasaa

    Throttle bodies

    Hi Do someone have a set of throttle bodies from an 910 efi, including intake manifold, in surplus for sale? Lars
  2. You are heating the whole house, which wont help. If you weld a nut on top of the broken bolt, it will loosen and you can unwind it. Done that several times.
  3. George Hard to argue against these articles. As mentioned before, I do not find the standard brakes shitty. But honestly, way for improvement. This articles compare the Esprit braking performance to similar sportscars these years. not sure why the image is upright!
  4. very different. I will not call the brakes shit; but rather average suitable for a standard car.
  5. I do not agree that the Esprits brakes are delivered to perform at a rather high level, either I do not see how they should act progressive. As far as I can see and experience the Esprit's brakes; they are a match of suitable parts off the shelf, non vented to sheed weight, and not up to the task for a sportscar in this league. My old Corvette 68 or 70,ties Volvo 240 had better brake force and pedal feedback. Albeit much heavier. But I do agree that these modifications should be done wisely and not at least balanced. There are several upgrades for the front, but I do miss a matching upgrade for the rear. Any one who now what year these VW calibers are from? Seems as they are made with both 38 & 41mm bore?
  6. I meassured the pistons in the original calipers to app. Ø 36mm If the WV caliper is 41mm the clamping force is then increased about 30%. Not a bad upgrade in conjunction with front brake upgrade. And I do agree with Steve that this one should be cautios doing so. When I did my front brakes I was working on mounting front calipers from a Citroen C5 at the back, but found it too troublesome. However, the need for rear brake upgrade was obvious. So I`m happy if these WV works well. But still curious to know the diameter of the piston!
  7. I must agree on the cost of these Wilwood, as they are a bit pricy. At front I have the PNM Wilwood 4 pot kit. which by itself is a great upgrade., but recognize that I could use more brake force at the rear. When in my garage I will check the diameter of the original rear calipers. Not sure, but it seems as the Passat caliper piston diameters are 41mm. I do have brake bias valve fitted, which I believe is beneficial to fin tune the brake bias. But should be second after proper dimension of rear/front brake force. Hence I am leaning toward a bigger caliper for the rear.
  8. These calipers looks interesting, and is available with different piston size. Most likely larger than the Passat type. Though not sure of the rear disc diameter. And do find the 90 degree mounting holes a bit akward! P-Brake
  9. Great link. Now I’m even more keen to know if these Passat calipers have larger piston than the original?
  10. Well, the piston diameter, area, is what makes the difference in brake force. A larger diameter will result in a higher clamping force.
  11. Place a nut above, and TIG weld though and to it.
  12. Impressive torque curve! Kind of glad to hear that the AC condenser are functioning despite the narrow pipings. Thing is that R12 is obsolete and conversion will reduce performance. Hence it does note make much sense covering the AC condenser with another radiator in front of it.
  13. I have lowered the radiator pack to install a radiator for a CAC, and did consider using the AC condenser for that purpose but find the condenser pipings rather narrow. My AC is working but dont mind to sacrifice it as my need for it is limited, and hoses are rock hard. But you numbers proves otherwise. Do you have any means of meassuring the AIT after the CAC? What kind of throttles bodies and injectors are you using?
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