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  1. On 20/12/2021 at 03:22, DrieStone said:

    Just for anyone in the future reading this, I thought I'd post a follow up. I ended up cutting out the bottom of the battery box, cutting a piece of 1/2" plywood for a base and I fiberglassed it in from the bottom and the top. Exhaust fit perfectly after this.

    My battery didn't have a tie down, but I'll fabricate something in the future to work (the original tie down nuts are still in place, so I might be able to tie into that).


    Did you manage a good solution for this?

    Would you mind sharing photos of your result?

  2. 3 hours ago, ramjet said:

    Ooh. I'll bite.

    How do you know? :getmecoat: 

    (please note: the above was asked with all the love I could muster)


    13 hours ago, naasaa said:


    And dont ask how I know that 😞

    Was supposed to be a reply to "Can I use diesel in the Esprit then? :lol:"

  3. I have fitted them, and reamed to spec. 
    I beleive that they content some copper. They are kind of redish in color, and a bit crisp.  
    I think they are a generic high spec valve guide, with a reces for a valve stem seal. 
    They are equal to the ones fitted in my 1982, but I have fitted seals. 
    I must add that I with this engine encountered a sticking valve 4 or 5 times just efter some bust runs with boost. Leaving the engine running on 3 cylinders. Scary, but no harm. 
    So I do consider to continue without seals and benefit better lubrication of the valve.  

  4. 21 hours ago, naasaa said:

    I actually received the seals from Garry when I made my 1982 TE. 
    Thats why I raised the question; to go with or without seals. 

    What I mend is that last time I rebuild a 910 I did receive and used seals. But this time Garry didnt supply them with the new guides.
    I havent succeeded in reaching Garry. But I got on hold with Pete from PNM, and he does not use seals when he rebuild engines.

    Many engines were made in the past without seals. I just dont want that puf of blue smoke, and dont want to fowl the spark plug.

    @Chillidoggyhave you run your engine yet without seals?

  5. On 06/12/2020 at 01:52, PaulM said:

    I can confirm these are R888Rs with a 50 profile, I asked the owner.

    This is good news.

    I do found these to suit the car quite well, despite the lower circumferenece.

    Do you mind asking the owner of his sincer opinion for these tires. Here I have the higher engine rev's and filling of the wheel arch due to lower profile in mind.


  6. 3 hours ago, drdoom said:

    Hello Lars,

    I generally agree with your points, though I do not believe those to be r888"s on the photo car as they appear to be normal, 60 series profile which do not exist in that Toyo line. This presumes the wheels to be the OEM 15" size, not some BMW 16" alternatives, and the tread looks not quite as per r888 to my eye. It is not easy to source top-tier performance tires in sizes to match most Esprit. Geert is right to observe that small diameter rear tires look "off" on Esprit, given the ample wheelarch space. I've seen G-cars with 255/40-17 comfortably within the space, though looking a bit "Hot Wheels" toy in my opinion. I find 245/45-16 look quite fine for rears, if perhaps a touch short, and that size can be found in a number of very high performance tires.


    17” is a good option, but spoils the shape and look of the beefy rubber 15” wheels. But do offer a variety of good street performance tires 

    However, I much prefer the original 15” BBS. 

    To me, the tires on the Green Esprit looks like these Toyo

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  7. You can not use spray coating on a crankshaft. Metal spray do not bond to the base material, but laser cladding does. And further, the limited heat input by laser cladding will not cause cracks or tensions afterwards. So post heat treatment is not required. 

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