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  1. My apology. Missed to see that you switched location with the low oil pressure switch. Just saw it as you located it below the oil pressure transducer.
  2. There is no oil flow where you fitted that sensor, so it cant read the oil temperature!
  3. Can someone please help my memory! I have the interior completely redon, and long ago disassembled the glove box lid for recovering. But cant remember if the black plastic back side is riveted to the lid? Figure that it must have been like that, since screws will be too long. But unsure
  4. The vacuum for you HVAC goes from a Tee close to the vacuum pump, up behind left fuel tank and further up under the roof, left side along the a-piller to underneath the dash board.
  5. Did you manage a good solution for this? Would you mind sharing photos of your result?
  6. Here is a photo of the US muffler. I also attached a photo of a US car where you actually can see the battery box hanging low behind the rear frame. Whereas the battery is on top of the tail pipes on Domestic cars.
  7. It is due the difference UK/US cars. Domestic have divorced wastegate outlets by twin tail pipes from the muffler. dDue to the Cat, the US cars has single tail pipe in an akward angle just clearing the battery box. Domestic cars has the battery close to the fender, and not the same type of this derp battery box. You prpably have to cut the box 😞
  8. He is asking under this section, which is for Giugiaro Esprits!
  9. Was supposed to be a reply to "Can I use diesel in the Esprit then? "
  10. NO! And dont ask how I know that 😞
  11. I have fitted them, and reamed to spec. I beleive that they content some copper. They are kind of redish in color, and a bit crisp. I think they are a generic high spec valve guide, with a reces for a valve stem seal. They are equal to the ones fitted in my 1982, but I have fitted seals. I must add that I with this engine encountered a sticking valve 4 or 5 times just efter some bust runs with boost. Leaving the engine running on 3 cylinders. Scary, but no harm. So I do consider to continue without seals and benefit better lubrication of the valve.
  12. What I mend is that last time I rebuild a 910 I did receive and used seals. But this time Garry didnt supply them with the new guides. I havent succeeded in reaching Garry. But I got on hold with Pete from PNM, and he does not use seals when he rebuild engines. Many engines were made in the past without seals. I just dont want that puf of blue smoke, and dont want to fowl the spark plug. @Chillidoggyhave you run your engine yet without seals?
  13. I actually received the seals from Garry when I made my 1982 TE. Thats why I raised the question; to go with or without seals.
  14. What is the general consensus in use of valve stem seal in a 910 intake side? I have fitted Garry Kemps valve guides, but have no seals. Lars
  15. This is good news. I do found these to suit the car quite well, despite the lower circumferenece. Do you mind asking the owner of his sincer opinion for these tires. Here I have the higher engine rev's and filling of the wheel arch due to lower profile in mind. Thanks
  16. Never seen these venting/pressure equalizing pipes between carb and plenum before!
  17. I am waiting for an answer from the same vendor on torque setting for the ARP cylinder head studs. So far 1 week has passed!
  18. There is also Mickey Thompson. but no idea about how this tire behaves, and there is no suitable size for front tires.
  19. 17” is a good option, but spoils the shape and look of the beefy rubber 15” wheels. But do offer a variety of good street performance tires However, I much prefer the original 15” BBS. To me, the tires on the Green Esprit looks like these Toyo
  20. As said, I am aware that they have a smaller circumference. I will call the speedo off; not way off. Its not that accurate anyway. The thing is that I like the 15" wheels, with plenty rubber. But there is not many alternatives when it comes to proper tires. I had the Continental, which is a great tire, but I am loosing grip. Now I have BF Goodrich, and for me; they are the nono. Propably great on a Ford Explorer. but do not have the same road feel as the Continental. In regards to the engines higher rev, I wish that I could find a better suitable tyre with the original ratio. But I havent. Hence I am curious for the Toyo R888, and is reaching out for someone with real life experience with these tyres. I think that this beatufyl green Lotus has Toyo r888 tires. The tread pattern look so.
  21. Has anyone Experience with Toyo R888? They make them in 235/50R15 and 195 or 205/50R15 I am aware that they have a smaller circumference, but has a really good bite.
  22. I am doing the same to my 1984. Engine apart, just started on the cylinder head. Do also have the nikasil liners, fitting an aftermarket CAC, Garrett GTR3071 and Jenveys throttle bodies. And like snowrx solution for the trigger wheel.
  23. You can not use spray coating on a crankshaft. Metal spray do not bond to the base material, but laser cladding does. And further, the limited heat input by laser cladding will not cause cracks or tensions afterwards. So post heat treatment is not required.
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