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  1. Hi, have you tried Mike at lotus bits? Or Norman at NTC cars (he's always got spare parts lying around)
  2. Hi Guys. HELP!!! I'm stripping the car interior down for having all the leather reconnlised. Anyway I'm stuck with removing the centre vents that blow cold air either side of the centre dash. Anyone know how???
  3. Yep, I would show you what they really look like now cleaned but I can't upload any more pics file size is too small for a single photo anymore.
  4. Hi Guys been a long time since ive had the Esprit out to the Newlands meet. What was this Al about paying for parking, is that still the case?
  5. Yes makes a massive difference, the car feels so much more planted on the road and inspires Confidence in the corners!
  6. Hey Bibs I have the same problem. Is it possible to delete old posts I've posted back in early 2011-2018 (Riverview cafe stuff jo longer needed)
  7. 2020 new batch fitted 2 weeks before covid hit and we went in to lockdown. They where very dirty in those pics. So that's probably why they look bad. Here's a pic from brands hatch on Sunday. Much nicer.
  8. Anyone used a company company called magic mend based in Kent sittingbourne ? Having all my leather re-connised.
  9. Thanks to everyone, we've been to see it. Sadly the car is a bit more run down than it looks in the photos. Also started it up from cold and it ran rough, even when warm. Theres a knocking noise coming from the engine, might be top end, but sounds more like bottom end. (Very worrying) boot doesn't open more than, 45cm (wrong struts on it.) Door frames are very rusty. Windows don't work, passenger goes down but not up. Mirrors don't work. The tool kit is not an original one. The original wallet it not the real wallet. Loads of bits are incorrect. The rear bumper needs lots of paint, the lower spoiler is missing loads of paint. The rear view mirror has snapped off the bracket. It hasn't had a cambelt for 10 years. I'm my view it's a 15-18k car tops. Needs a good 10k spending on it. Such a shame.
  10. Hi Guys, so yesterday I was asked by a fellow lotus esprit owner does anyone know what happened to his x180 turbo Stevens car. Here is a pic for reference on its original registration was E73 CPE. It might still have exige seats in the car. The car was sold though UK sports cars in Kent about 4-5 years ago. The old owner would love to get in touch with them and if ever possible buy it back. However he'd just love to see it again more than anything.
  11. So today I took off the decals at last! Ready for the new ones!! On last one! Very pleased, now for the original gold ones to come on.
  12. Yes I think I've heard they were capri mirrors. And fx3 taxi mirrors.
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