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  1. Does the alarm system require that battery in order to function correctly? And any thoughts as to where to find such a battery?
  2. Hi, I had to leave my Esprit Turbo for 6 months over the winter and removed the old battery. The internal alarm battery took over and then began to buzz for a few days until it eventually died. A new battery was fitted today, and everything looked good. Key fob was locking / unclocking. And once unlocked, the steering column red light was flashing to indicate that it was ready to start. Key in, ignition lights on. Engine turned over strongly, but nothing. Didn't even try to "catch". I think its the same symptom if the immobiliser is active. The engine will turn over, but it won't ever "catch". I tried "alarm off / alarm on" a few times. Also turned the alarm key in the front engine space on / off / on. But still the same. Engine turns over, but not even trying to start. It feels like the immobliser is somehow still active and not letting the car start. One further clue: a couple of times when I took the ignition key out, the alarm sounded for about 30 seconds. There was no way to stop it - and it stopped on its own after 30 seconds. Do I need to reset the alarm system somehow? Or perhaps wait until the alarm internal battery charges up? Any assistance would be most appreciated.
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