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  1. Heiki took off 2 seconds in his Second Session on Friday. Not to be completely off-topic, but If you're in town for the race and would consider returning home with a memento, this low mileage beauty is available, just down the 401. GO LOTUS! EGLOTUS
  2. Howdy Mates,

    My Esprit is for sale, and on the off chance any of you attending the Montreal F1 race (13June10) might be interested, I'm a 5.5 hour drive or a 45 minute plane flight away, just north of Toronto.



  3. Greetings Paul, I'm about 1.5 hrs away in Schomberg, the other side of Newmarket. I wish I could have hooked up with you this spring. You've got to be cheaper than Gentry-$100 per hour and more if you want to watch. Did a good job, though. They put a muffler, clutch master cylinder, and injectors in my 1990 Esprit. If you're ever out this way, bring my namesake. Cheers! Ellis
  4. How did you find out? I wrote to the photographer, but he couldn't be bothered to answer back. Ellis
  5. Yeh, it doesn't make sense to buy two RC's for my SE 'antique' just to save $200 US. The originals would probably pack it in shortly thereafter. So I ordered the whole set. Thanks guys.
  6. Hi Peter, Thanks for the advice. I'm buying a pair of the RC's. The local Lotus dealer was helpful with the research as well. I probably should have got a set of 4, but the car's been a money pit of late. Dermott's sight is pretty cool. Again thanks for the help. Ellis
  7. Looking for a pair of injectors for 1990 Turbo Esprit SE. A GM cross reference number would also be a big help.
  8. Hi Bibs, Just in case they have to settle for an old red's worth a try init? EGLOTUS Schomberg, Ontario
  9. Hi, My first post. My 1990 Turbo-Esprit's original muffler is perforated. Local dealer cost is about $550 US. I'm trying to source another one, preferably in Canada. Has anybody had one built by a muffler shop? If so, how did it turn out and how did you find a good shop?
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