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  1. I may make this one. That's the day I get back from Paris, so I should have lots of pics of the new cars.
  2. Hi Owen, The Evora and the Elan made it as far as the car park. After faffing about with my sisters kids we didn't get there until gone 3. Next time. Chris.
  3. I won't be at the gala until I have returned the nephews and neice to my sisters, I am guessing I will get to the showground at about midday. Do you think I will be allowed to join you guys? I am happy to pay the extra? If I can you can add to your list... Chris - Evora LE Nikki - Elan S2 I would love to park our cars with the other Lotus. Can someone help out in the morning with the officials? If you can, please text me on 07963433579. Thanks, Chris and Nikki
  4. Ok, minor change of plan. I am babysitting all 3 of my sisters kids. But I still intend to come and have a look around, just won't be showing the Evora and the Elan (outside of the public car park!). See you there.
  5. Am I too late? I'll post the forms today.
  6. Me (and my Evora) and my wife (and her Elan) would probably be up for this. I'll get back to you after the V festival.
  7. I love my Evora but miss the power delivery of my Exige S. I will be first in the queue for a factory upgrade.
  8. My wife; Nikki 5'2" can't reach the pedals. ...but she fits in the back no problem.
  9. I will get the lotus SC upgrade as soon as it is available. I miss the 'urgency' of my exige s.
  10. Cheers Bibs. I love black cars. The Evora suits black. My exige and esprit were black, going to keep buying black lotus - (the Elan is my wifes.)
  11. Thanks Justin. Us Vampires rarely go outside without them!
  12. Some pics of my Evora (and my Elan M100)
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