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  1. Some others to consider.... Paul.
  2. I'm starting from Dorking in my Excel SE. There are several Esprits taking part if you check all the routes. Cheers, Paul.
  3. That's right. You now need to contact Andy Graham.... [email protected] Paul
  4. Relax. It's sounds very much like you have piston slap. This is very common on these engines, and goes away when the engine reaches normal operating temperature and all the clearances normalise. It's nothing to worry about. If you had a bearing failing, it would be much worse when the engine is under load. My 25k miles S3 did it, and so does my Excel SE. I have even seen road tests where they complained about 'piston slap like an old Cortina'. Paul.
  5. Find a piece of steel bar or anything that is a sliding fit in the spigot bearing. Fill the bearing with grease, then fit your steel bar etc into the bearing until it contacts the grease. Then hit the end of the bar with a hammer. The hydraulic pressure will force the old spigot bearing out of the flywheel. An old mechanic's trick that works a treat with a plain bush bearing. Should also work with a needle roller bearing with care.
  6. Not sure I'm responsible for that. I replied to the two quotes seperately, but they became merged somehow.
  7. Hmm, Maybe I'll try and bluff it next time. I can always produce the RAC card and claim confusion/having a 'senior moment' Hi Owen, I work in the Control Room of a utility company, which is manned 24/7. I'm working nights at the moment, hence the post time. It does mean I can browse the internet if things are quiet, which they often are at that time of the morning. Paul
  8. Thanks, I'll give it a try. Paul. There must be more competition where you are. Maidstone branch want the full
  9. My car failed on insufficient tread depth on the rear tyres. Quoting from the VT30 (Refusal of an MOT Test Certificate). All of the above defects qualify this vehicle for a free partial retest at the same test station if: It is removed from the test station and returned for a retest to be carried out before the end of the next working day: or It is left at the test station for repair and retest if the retest is carried out before the end of 10 working days. On the rear of the VT30, it says that working days do not include Saturdays, Sundays or Bank Holidays. Paul.
  10. There's several pictures at various tracks in Jabby Crombac's biography of ACBC. There's also a short video clip which has been used in some TV programmes, including one called 'Secret Life of Colin Chapman'.
  11. It's been for sale on LEW since last October at
  12. Oh, the irony. The past tense of 'spell' is 'spelt', not 'spelled'. And in the middle of a sentence asking for accurate spelling. Paul The early injected US Turbos that he is presumably getting confused with had Bosch K-jetronic, which is essentially a mechanical system. It used electronics to simply provide the interface with the lambda sensor and trim the mixture using the frequency valve to adjust the system regulating pressure. No way could that be called full blown EFI. That came along later with the Delco system in the chargecooled cars. The NA was dead by then. Paul
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