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  1. The primary injectors leaking down is a very common problem on the V8s. I just fixed this issue on a local V8 this past week. New primaries, no more hot start issues.
  2. So my car (1987 HCi) is running quite rich. Smoke machine has been used, and no vacuum leaks found. This is a federal car with Bosch K-Jet.Tonight, I hooked up a Gunson exhaust analyzer. Hoooo boy. Factory range for acceptable CO is 0.3 up to 1.3.My car was averaging a reading of 3.5! And yes, that's some eye burning exhaust.So I took the airbox off to perform the adjustment. Done this many times before on DeLoreans which are also K-Jet.Somebody has been in there before, as the factory metal plug had been drilled out, and there was a properly fitting stopper in place.I pulled out the stopper, put my 3 mm Allen wrench in, and went to turn the screw to lean it out. It seemed to turn a little, but then the wrench slipped. Thought maybe I didn't have it into the screw quite right, but after feeling around with the wrench, I did.At this point, I became suspicious. I got a magnifying glass, and a flashlight, and looked into the adjustment hole. Whatever clown drilled out the factory metal plug also managed to drill into and mangle the adjustment screw. No size Allen wrench (and I tried a few) will fit into and be able to turn it.So, I literally can not adjust the mixture because the screw is mangled.Considering how rich the car is running, I really have no intention of leaving it more than double the acceptable C/O.My thought process is this: Disconnect all of the fuel hoses from the mixture unit, unbolt the top half from the bottom half (so I don't have to pull the whole thing), remove the mangled adjustment screw, and replace it with a good one. Provided I can find one of these screw, I understand they're a bizarre shape and thread.Thoughts? What would you do in this situation?
  3. Car: 1987 HCi (Federal car, Bosch injected) Next driving season, I will have to track down and fix a leak in my car's A/C system, as it is completely empty. If I find it to be the compressor (which from what I've read is common), is it possible to change it in-situ? From my brief looking around from up top and below, I can't see how, so I would love to hear the procedure from someone experienced. Thanks in advance!
  4. Mine is a US car; I have the big honking K-Jet set-up.
  5. A few days ago, I changed the plugs and wires on my new to me 1987 HCi. Hell of a tight squeeze getting the plugs done, even with my skinny monkey arms. Would like to change the cap and rotor as well, but can't see/figure out how the heck you're supposed to get at them to change them? I could barely get my hand in to change the plugs, much less even see the distributor.
  6. Just purchased a gorgeous 1987 HCi a few days ago. The timing belt was last done with a Gates blue belt 6 years ago, so I'm planning on doing all of the belts soon. I'll also be replacing all of the water pump related hoses since I'll be in there anyway. Searched around a bit, but couldn't find what the coolant bleeding procedure would be on an HCi model Esprit? Thanks in advance!
  7. My DeLorean has never been mistaken for an Esprit.
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