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  1. 200 to jonathan was a the cover on the switch stopping it connect properly thanks for the help guys, new leds look sweet too cant wait for the night time
  2. i checked the switches before the fuses one was nearly hanging off so i pushed it back on and also i had ordered some led replacements which i never put in so i tried them as well and nothing. i have not had time to have another look yet but ill check as you suggested
  3. My engine bay lights which work when you pop the engine bay hood open have stopped working and i cant seem to find which fuse it may be if it even is a fuse, i have checked my manual and cant seem to find anything that suggest it has a separate fuse just wondering if anyone knows if it does and where it is
  4. I had my radiator taken out and repaired when i first got my gt3, althought the actual repair cost of the radiator is not bad its getting to it and my garage who did it (chris foulds) had to remove alot of the front of the car to even get to it, one problem is the cradle its sits in also connects to the body through the oil coolers above the front arches and the bolts have a tendency to seize and to replace the oil coolers if they break when trying to remove cost
  5. Not sure on the cause the pipe looks like it rotted away somehow, the car was not used for long periods of time before i bought it and the water hardness in his area was alot higher than my current one and the fact its near the engine bay maybe heat had something to do with it but i am not sure.
  6. I am having trouble with rear view with mirror vibration and the fact the car has had the factory v8 wing added means i can see very little out of the rear window no matter where i move it, after talking about this at work one day one guy suggested putting a micro wifi camera somewhere on the back and having a small tv inside the cabin. technology is there to do it and not the expensive although im not sure how big the screen would need to be to get a good view or where to put it inside but its something im going to have a look at when he brings his in( he already bought the camera,3inch tv t
  7. Hello just thought i would update how my water leak problem was solved as alot of people here gave there ideas and help, after i worked out that the leak was in the pipe running through the chassis somewhere i gave it to chris foulds of huddersfield to do the repair and they found that it was the flow pipe about 3 inches into the rear of the tunnel chassis entrance. Luckily because it was so close to the end and the fact that theres spare length on both ends of the pipe they was able to cut off the damaged section and pull through more pipe from the front, the resulting pipe at the engine
  8. very interesting tiny willy but my mechanic (chris foulds) said that the easiest way to them was from the front removing the valance and radiator, mine seem quite free to pull and i have a waterfall coming from them, tomorrow i finally get chance to try bypass them just to check which one it is and to find out if there are definately leaking. i have abandoned any idea of running another pipe throught it due to unkwon effect on coolant pressure and increased stress on the water pump. you may be best running some wire the entire length through the existing pipe then pulling the pipe out leaving
  9. Sorry i amended my details i am based in leeds, and yes matkutub this is my main concern as well although my temperature and cooling have been fine besides this sitting at 90 degrees most of the time rising to 100 when stood in traffice and then the fans kick in ( only 3 of the 4 at the moment ), the pipe idea does sound risky but i was not sure over such a length if it would affect it too much.
  10. Theres a page about exhausts changing on LEW in the maintenance section, the blueflame exhaust people seem a good bunch and the exhausts are apparently alot lighter and give slightly more power and all the feedback looks good as well as the prices.
  11. yes they run inside the flow and return ones at the same point in the chassis but dont seem to be leaking
  12. Ok just a quick update, i managed to get the car in the air on some axle stands and check the rubber pipes to and from the fixed chassis ones, i filled the header tank up as it was empty and literally 30 seconds later i had a waterfall coming out of from near the front end of the tunnel which holds the fixed pipes. All the rubber connections looked ok but the clips need replacing as they have rusted to next to nothing but the leak definetly seems to be eminating from inside the chassis . I have been having a bit of trouble getting some hose to try bypass the fixed pipes but thats down to m
  13. carl c with it leaking nowhere near the hose connections my only other option is the fixed chassis pipes but there hidden in the chassis down the entire length of the car underneath, i am going to disconnect it from the engine end and block the pipe fill the header tank and check theres no leak on that part then i think i may get some hose and bypass the entire chassis pipes to the radiator and leave it overnight to see if that part leaks which i suspect it will not therefore pointing to the chassis pipes but i was mainly wondering if anyone had ever replaced these or worked near them becau
  14. I am also having problems with water leaking from somewhere around the front of the car on a GT3, the water leaking is definetly coming from the header tank as this emptys overnight onto the floor but the leak does not seem to be coming from where the hoses attach to the fixed pipes rather further down maybe on the fixed pipes themselves and flowing out of points in the chassis underneath, I was wondering if anyone had ever replaced the water feed return pipes that run through the chassis and how hard a job it was, i am not sure if you can pull them out after unclipping both ends or if you nee
  15. Thanks for the info turned out be just the grub screw that i needed to tighten buts its nice to know about the other bolt too for future reference
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