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  1. where on the car is the plate located?
  2. Just adding to that, Steve; the car ''sold'' on eBay a month or so ago for around 6800 but the sale fell through. I was in contact with the seller after this - he was very chirpy until I asked him a few more pointed questions regarding service history, repairer etc whereupon I heard no more and we find it back on eBay.
  3. ...and it appears its a Feb '89 - Engine no. CP910 89 02 25942...nuts!
  4. The car needs to have a build date pre 01/01/89 to import to Australia.
  5. There's one for sale. The owner is forwarding me the numbers. If its an '88 build date, I'm interested, if its an '89 I'm not. Its plaque says its no. 30 which would perhaps indicate its later than I'm after...who knows?
  6. The (little) research I've done suggests that these began leaving the production line in November '88 (as did other MY 89 cars). Is anyone aware of which numbers were released in '88 or do I need to contact Lotus directly with a VIN?
  7. I've sent four enquiries to Sportomotive regarding this one since Nov 1st (its been in Autotrader as well for some time) but no reply. Maybe its so nice they really don't want to sell it after all. I simplified my last enquiry to just ascertain mileage and whether it has aircon or not. Ho-hum.
  8. Always thought it would be an 11 on 1-10 difficulty scale. As far as the SE goes, unfortunately the build date needs to be pre 01/01/89 to import the car to Australia. I'll keep hunting.
  9. Has anyone added aircon to a non-aircon Esprit? A couple of nice '88s I'm considering have no aircon. (yes, I do need aircon).
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