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  2. Looks good. Am I the only one that likes the OEM Alpine? I had some issues with the bluetooth module pairing with my iphone, but Alpine swapped the 400 module for the 250 and no problems since. I even prefer the Alpine sat nav to my Tom Tom (which seems to send me 'round the houses.')
  3. I'm pretty sure that duct is only used to draw air from the cabin into the HVAC when on recirculate. At speed cold air from outside is bleeding into that circuit and creating a draft in the footwell. Pressing recirc is shutting off the external air from outside into the the HVAC. It's not the main intake from outside into the HVAC system. Andy French said it could be blocked off without any holes if recirc not used and I'm pretty sure he'd know being a Lotus field engineer! Any doubts give him a call - he's extremely helpful.
  4. Managed to get to the bottom of this after calling Lotus Aftersales and speaking to Andy French. There is a letterbox opening behind the fuse box to do with the recirculation circuit and sometimes at speed air is drawn in from outside and discharged through this opening. Here's the solution: Remove the fusebox panel in the passenger footwell and locate the relay box containing the purple relays. Remove the four bolts holding the relay box in place and cut the zip tie holding the wiring to the bulkhead. Move the relay box out of the way. Black letterbox opening behind is the culprit of the draughts. Andy recommended an ABS plastic panel to shut off the opening. However, I only had some thin balsa which I cut to 255mm x 85mm (letterbox spans an opening larger than is visible in the photos) and applied some tape to the back. Some small holes already in the balsa allows the recirc still to work. Wiggle the panel through the gap behind the relay box and then Stick the panel in place over the opening. I added some lagging I had to provide some extra insulation leaving only two holes in the panel uncovered for the recirc function. The holes aren't necessary if the recirc function isn't used. Replace the zip tie holding the wiring and bolt the relay box back in place. Replace fusebox aluminium panel. The motorway test drive revealed the absence of any draughts and that the cabin warmed up considerably faster. I'd recommend this simple mod to anyone experiencing draughts to the footwell or centre console area.
  5. I was after a bit of clarification on the re-mapping of the ecu as far as the Komo-tec upgrade. Are both maps re-calibrated on the S or is it just the 'Sports button map'? Is there still a change in the car's character from engaging Sports mode?
  6. I've been running Conti Winter tyres in std sizes and they are excellent - even 6inches of snow in January proved no problem for them. Had some funny looks and plenty of curtain twitching when I decided to 'test' them at the snows heaviest at 9 o'clock one night - think the neighbours were waiting to see me stranded and probably thought me nuts. :-)
  7. Right the above strategy didn't provide a long term solution so back to the drawing board with assistance from Alpine Technical. Barry at Alpine sent me an Alpine HCE-250BT bluetooth module which is more stable than the HCE-400BT but doesn't have the audio streaming feature (not an issue as I have an ipod in the glovebox). I managed to fit this by removing the instrument pack and reaching in behind the dash and extracting the 400 bluetooth module and swapping over the connections for headunit, mic & power. Removal of the instrument pack was as per Lotus service notes with the exception of removing the instruments still attached to the support bracket as the allen bolts attaching the bracket are difficult to reach and extremely stubborn. The bracket is fixed by a bolt either side of the wheel also used to fix/support the main fascia. Might sound complicated but certainly within the scope of a keen amateur tinkerer. Iphone now pairs reliably without any aggravation - phew!!! I believe Alpine are going to contact Lotus with details of the fix.
  8. Thanks Thomas. Underneath the dash or underneath the car? Thanks Simon
  9. Thanks for the reply. Yep sounds like the problem as the recirc button stops the draught. Is this a dash top out to resolve it or can it be accessed from underneath? I've had the dash top out before to fit an imprint module and was rather hoping to not have to repeat this again so soon!
  10. Anyone had an issue with cold draughts into the passenger footwell? Other half complained about it a few months ago and it is only very noticeable when at motorway speeds. Wasn't a huge problem when driving solo, but the recent very cold weather is now making it a pain even from the driving seat. Seems to be coming through the HVAC as pushing the recirc button stops it, but obviously switching to recirc causes its own problems as far as misting up. Anyone had a similar experience?
  11. You'd think!! Apparently the Alpine Tech said that they tend to use the innards of the KCE-250 module for their onboard bluetooth as its more reliable/stable than the KCE-400. He was suggesting changing to this - I said I wasn't keen having previously taken off the dashtop to fit the imprint module - biggish job which I'd have to build up to in order to repeat!!!
  12. The pair I have are fine and I purchased the Autostyle ones to prevent ruining the oem ones during the winter, but was very impressed with the Autostyle quality. Other comments seem to mention fitment issues with the oem mats hence my post. Didn't realise oem ones were available from TLF - my only comments from looking them up in the shop is that they seem to lack the securing fixings that my Lotus & Autosyle mats both have. I'd definitely want the fixings to prevent them moving about the footwell when I'm getting in and out - I'm quite hard on mats and look to replace them regularly.
  13. I ordered the luxury mats below as winter mats to avoid ruining the oem Lotus ones. They are such a good fit & quality I'm considering splurging on a pair of premier ones for the summer.
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