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  1. Hi, my service manual do not say anything about how the exhaust system look alike and how to dimantle. I have some leakage somewhere on the exhaust on my 85 Turbo, but how to dismantle -sequence- would be a big help. It is not easy accessible and the bolts are rusty and stucked. Trying to avoid using a lot effort on bolts that are noe necessary to remove. Bjørn Erik
  2. Hi Daniel, Have exact same symptom on my engine. Pictures looks the same. I managed to overheat the engine. For mee it looks to be a blown head gasket, but Will be very interested in what PNM says. .. Bjørn Erik
  3. Hi, Have been sitting and reading thread after thread about leaking water pumps, removal, assembly... I hade mine reworked three years ago, but last summer it failed again resulting in overheated engine. So to the question...have anyone rebuild to use an electric pump? How would you do this? I'm planning to do this on my S3 non-turbo. But would be nice with some advice on where to place, how to modify the old one, etc. Woldern
  4. Hi again and thanks for all help. I had a friend over and together we found that the crossgate movement was not correct. So now I''try to adjust and see what happens. By manually pushing I found 1st so have good hope! (Reverse is ok) Woldern
  5. Hi a strange problem to me.... I cannot get 1st and 2nd gear engaged even though it looks that I get 4 different positions on the gearchange lever. Can there be anything inside the box making this happen? (3rd, 4th and rev is functioning) Woldern (83 S3)
  6. Hi can anyone tell me if this is correct connected. (ref picture attached) Looks strange since one brake pipe is connected on the side and the other is connected to the bottom. Is there any reasons for the S and P? Does it matter if front and rear pipe is switched between the two connections. Rgds BEW
  7. Hi when starting up after almost three years of restoration of my 82 S3 I found that my oil pressure sender feed pipe have snapped off close to the sender. Instead of changing the whole feed pipe, is there any way of repair the old one? BEW
  8. Thnx Green and light purple are both single hanging females comig out from the wire tube on side of engine compartment. The white and white/slant is connected as you say to the coil but where does the other end go? The are now both ending (torn off) and hanging in engine compartment LHS. BEW
  9. Hi, have an 83 S3 Non Turbo which now have been staying for almost two years. Finally engine is now back in car and I tried to fire it up today. Would not start and I tracked it down to missing sparks. Have a Luminition system but my experience with such is low. Checked that there is no spark coming out from the coil. When assembling all wires that had been taken off when taking the engine out I have one green and one light purple and in addition one white and white black (Those are together) which I did not find out where should be connected. Have they anything with spark missing or is there
  10. 82 Esprit S3, currently in Gjøvik Norway SCC085912BHD11174 rgds Bjørn Erik Wold
  11. woldern


    Just found the forum, registered, and it have already payed off! I'm in the process of restoring my 83 S3 non Turbo and have the last days struggeled to mount the Anti-roll-bar after getting new bushes. All the assembly problems made me very confused and eventually I was starting to think that I have mounted the bar upside down. By scanning this forum I managed to find pictures showing how to....Looks to be that I have done right and only needs to be more patient. Thanks from a newbie from Norway. BEW
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