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  1. I finally found the noise cause. This is my vacuum pump. I ordered a new one. For the idle problem I fixed it by setting the minimum air screw on throttle above the intake manifold.
  2. Sorry. My post was not about your link but just an advise in case he found the serial version when looking for a cable on the web.
  3. Prefer the USB cable. Many computers have Windows drivers which can only handle the standard Baud rates of Microsoft so you can't get the 8192 BPS with those computers. For that reason, the serial version of cable is a problem. I got it thirst cause USB version did not exist and had to try at least 10 computers from friends to find one wich works (if it does not handle the correct BPS, you can only read basic values like RPM). USB cable has its own driver, so it always works.
  4. Thanks. I did not know espritmon. I just downloaded it and will try it this week end. I will post the results here.
  5. I use Freescan. How can I get a log of MAP without using Freescan if it is not accurate ? I know it does not read values in barometric units but what seems to me incorrect is that MAP drops from 0.45 to 0.20 with RPM just dropping from 1400 to 1200 and no throttle openning. Is it possible to have such difference just for 200 RPM less ? And why integrator begin to increase from around 128 to 160 when MAP drops ? I see that my picture has been reduced when I posted it so legends are unreadable. First graph is RPM and scale values on left are in range 0 - 2500 in 500 increments. Second graph is MAP and scale values on left are in range 0 - 1 in 0.1 increments. Third graph is integrator and scale values on left are in range 0 - 250 in 50 increments.
  6. Hi, I experienced 2 problems last months with my Esprit Turbo SE. First, the idle was high and caused code 35 (1200 RPM with IAC to 0 when warm and a requested RPM of 997 from ECU). Second, I got very big lack of power and could not get more than 0.2 bar of boost. Mixture was very lean. I solved the first 3 days ago. After looking for vacuum leaks using a special product (initially designed to cold start cabs cars) and not finding any leak, I turned the throttle stop screw by 3/4 of a turn and get 1000 RPM with IAC to 20. I solved partially the second problem. I got a fuel gauge and saw my pressure was dropping to 0 in 20 seconds after the fuel pump stopped so I changed the fuel pressure regulator and now it holds to 2.6 bar after pump stops (3 bar with pump turning and car at idle). Now car run better but cannot boost above 0.4 bar and is not as rough as when all was good. I think it is my MAP cause it seems to have unwanted drops and integrator then rise. Before buying a new MAP, I may have your advise cause I am not a specialist in Freescan diagnostic so I am not sure my MAP is faulty. I cannot log during drive cause my laptop battery is dead but I have done a log during warm phase with the car stopped and the map values seems to me bad. I just started the engine from cold (coolant temp : 20 °C, and stopped it with coolant at 68 °C). Throttle is always 0. High idle was not fixed at this time so it was 1200 when warm. With engine off, Baro was 0.85 but MAP was 0.89 (normal ?). I attach a picture with the graphs from the log for RPM, MAP and integrator (I just let the car idle and warm and never used throttle wich is always 0).
  7. For the noise, I already checked the valve clearances but they are all in the lotus specs. For compression check, I do not have the tool to measure it. For air leak, I have found nothing with visual inspection but I think there is one somewhere. It can be difficult to find.
  8. I solved the code 26 and stall. Before starting the car yesterday I checked all my wires on the ECU using the service manual diagram and I had pulled out partially one of the 4 connectors (only 1 or 2 mm out, not visible by eye but this was enough). I will now check for vacuum leaks but do you think I need to change the MAP ? It may not be the idle cause but can it be keep with these values without bad effects ? Another question. The noise which I think causing the knock detection at low RPM and no load is a metallic noise coming from top of engine. Could it be due to an air leak ? Perhaps it is the same cause as high idle. I attach a new log I just made. I have waited for temp to raise 85 deg before stopping the engine this time. During warm up I pulled the throttle cable from engine bay for a few seconds to rev (not from pedal cause my computer was plugged to the boot diag). idle.csv
  9. I wanted to check for leaks but when I got the stall, I checked that in priority. It stalls with IAC valve removed so it is not an air cause. I will check the fuel pump relay tomorrow. When I was looking for the cause of lean mixture I first toggled the AC relay with those of fuel pump before investigating regulator. Perhaps this relay was bad (AC is empty so I did not used it). If it is not working all time, it can cause the stall and I just watched the lotus service manual and the fuel pump relay is on the diagram of code 26 chart. Hope it is just that.
  10. I wanted to do a new log after resetting IAC 2 hours ago but now, engine starts, revs to 1600, then drops RPM and it stalls after a few seconds. ECU hardly try to keep engine running and it takes 5 or 6 seconds at 600/700 RPM before it stalls and then I got an error code 26 (first time I have this code). I tried to remove IAC valve and restart, it revs more (2200 or 2300) but it stalls again. So I put back the IAC in place and try another time but with freescan log active. Anything seems to be good except battery voltage wich is 10.9 V with engine not running, drops to 6 during starter actuation and varies beetween 11.8 and 12.9 with engine running. And MAP seems to be good this time. Since code 26 refers to electrical circuits, could it be the battery or alternator wich causes those problems ? I attach the log file. Do not take care about the knock count, it is an old problem and the cause is a parasite engine noise (seems to be under cams cover) wich is very present when engine is cold but nearly disappear when engine get hot (and the knock detection disappears with it). stall.csv
  11. Temperature raises 90 but I did the log before. IAC is between 6-10 when desired idle is 1200 and RPM is 1200 but IAC drops to 0 when the desired idle drops to about 1000 (RPM still 1200 and code 35 sometimes). I already changed the IAC but it have not fixed the problem. I tried to reset the iac using freescan with engine running at the time freescan said 0 for its position and rev was 200 rpm too high, then rpm dropped and engine stalled so it seems it was not clos before so I do not understand the 0 value reported by ECU. I also tried to reset it with engine off but nothing changed.
  12. Hi, A few months ago, I posted a need of help for two problems. An idle too high (code 35) and a big lack of power and boost with very lean mixture and hard start. I have fixed the second one. My fuel pressure regulator was leaking. I changed it and now the mixture is OK. The second problem is still here (idle about 200 RPM too high when engine warm and unstable). And when I put a little throttle, rev falls to 800 RPM quickly and then rise again. If I try to move the car it sometimes stalls at first throttle. I have checked with Freescan and my MAP values seems to me too low but I need your advise. Engine stopped, i have a 0.9 value on MAP sensor (0.85 for BARO sensor). Whith engine warm (70 deg. C of coolant temp), and idle at 1200 RPM, I have a 0.20/0.25 value. I compared to an old freescan log from 2006 (all was working good then), and in the same conditions (warm, 70 deg C and 0.85 on BARO) , I had 0.46. Is the 0.20/0.25 value a possible and correct value for 1200 RPM, or can it be the cause of idle problem ? Thanks in advance for your answers.
  13. Hi. Thanks for the answers. I have removed my spark plugs 2 hours ago to see their color. They are really white and dry. So I am very lean. I don't know if it can cause the idle problem but I am sure it cause the boost problem and probably knock. I have a friend who have large band O2 sensor and a computer to log it. He will log my lean/rich values next week end. I will tell you the results but I may have a full problem.
  14. Hi all. Sorry in advance for my poor English, I am French. I have a problem with my 90 turbo SE and do not find the cause. In fact there are 2 problems but I think it is the same cause. I hope someone will have an idea. First is the boost, when applying full throttle first, I got 0.8 bar for 1 or 2 seconds, then it drops down to 0.4, sometimes 0.5. After that, any full throttle get to 0.4 or 0.5. If I wait a few minutes, driving soft with no boost, I got 0.8 again for 1 or 2 seconds. If I then stop to 0 speed, idle runs too high (around 1250 / 1300 RPM) causing an error code 35 after 20 seconds with engine light on. If I start the engine when cold and let him warm, I do not have the iddle problem. It needs boost to appear. But using Freescan, I saw that IAC is beetween 4 and 8, not 40/70 so I think the problem exists when cold but is less so the ECU can correct it using the IAC and after boost it cannot. It is like threre was an intake leak wich increase after a boost (cause by boost or temperature) but I do not know how to detect it if it is a leak. I inspected all intake system hoses and joints, not founding anything which seems weared. A friends tell me it could be an exhaust valve which leaks. Do you think it can ? I also have the knock count wich increase permantely at idlle in Freescan (already changed the knock sensor with no success). But A/F ratio is 14.6 in Freescan so I do not think there can really be knock at iddle rev with a good A/F ratio. Here is my config RAM air mod K&N air filter big secondary injectors from PUK I had a #3 chip and more recently #6 but have put back again the S4 chip I got whith the #3 and problems are still here) I had a HKS SSQV dump valve but removed it and problems are still here 104 ° timing belt pulleys for both exhaust and intake Free flow larini exhaust exhaust back pressure valve and throttle jacking capsule both removed
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