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  1. well i have 2 other cars, a boat , a wife, and four kids. once they tag a few extra days on the end of a 7 day week i might think about something else., but at the moment i simply dont have the time for more cars. i struggled to the let the esprit go but i couldnt justify having that amount of money tied up sitting in the garage. but it gone to a really nice guy and i hope he enjoys her as i have
  2. well its a sad day.... iv sold my esprit v8 Reg V8EEE. shes been a bloody good car and only let me down once with the gear box but i will take 50 % of the blame for that one. unfortunately i never had the time to use her so i made a difficult decision to let her go . she will be missed. shes shortly making her way up to the midlands to a really nice chap graham and im sure you guys will make him welcome as you did with me. im sure he will pop in to say hello......see ya all steve
  3. indeed bibs i love the car but just dont get the time to use her so i put her up for sale. if she sells fine, if she doesnt i still get to use her. she has done less than 1600miles in 4 years. to many cars not enough time
  4. well i was unlucky.... i blew my second gear out of the dartford crossing traps. i now have a gto quaife gearbox and it will take full power in all gears. its nice to be able to open it up without clenching ones ars cheeks waiting for the bang !
  5. does anyone know the gm part no for the indicator / high beam stalk for 2000 v8. it looks very much like some used on astras but im not 100 % sure
  6. sorted..... one of the ecu chips wasnt seated in its carrier
  7. any suggestions welcome i start my 2000 v8 esprit up every week without fail. today i jumped in and noticed straight away i couldnt hear the fuel pump prime up. and yes it wouldnt start. so far i have found the following i couldnt scan via the obd socket no connection detected the engine managent fault light doesnt come up on dash when ign is turn on iv checked ecm and both primary and secondary fuel pump fuses i can fire up both pumps manualy via relays but still cant fire up there is no feed supply to the two pump relays from the ecu orange / slate wire and orange / purple the ign relay is active hoping i dont have an ecu fault any common faults known bad earth ect
  8. blue 1988 esprit turbo 12.45 today henfield to shoreham c1 *** whos cruising my turf..........
  9. i fitted a gto gearbox with lsd last wont be disappointed it is superb allthough its not cheap. you can use power with confidence and gearing is so much better, more so with 4th and 5th......worth getting the lsd too
  10. correct me if im wrong i think the speedo picks up the pulse of the front wheel abs sensor. ecu knows what gear your in as it calculates revs vs speed. thats as i understood it.
  11. or get your glamourous assistant to take your car in for the mot . that usually works
  12. i seem to of been demoted to a menial basic member. payed my dues but still down here with the peasents......
  13. the clutch is not that old and the plates are thick. i blew the crown wheel and pinion
  14. got box out now. yes it was the clutch fork what a shit that was to get out. off to gto to pick up new uprated box. i have a listing on ebay for one of my kidneys as funds will be needed.
  15. there are a lot of cars that only just pass the 16 % hand brake limit citreon saxo you have to pull on the hand brake like buggery to reach the limit and thats how they come out of the factory. it all depends on if the tester want to advise or not. how does the hand brake feel in reality does it hold well ? fast fit centres like to use a lot of vt32 advisory as they may get work from it
  16. arr that will be the problem cheers for that. mind you how do you get in there to release it ?
  17. well i supose on a happy note at least the chargecoolers are having a good effect. got shafts clear now just got to try and get the gear box spline to come out of the clutch. box has come back half and inch and no more. trying to do this on my own
  18. cheers chap good info. yep was a bit of a bummer. i was going to upgrade gearbox but my hand had been forced to do it a bit sooner.
  19. im just in the process of taking my gearbox out after an event full weekend. ie i broke it ! i will be getting to removal of driveshafts shortly to get the box out. question is im not sure how much clearance is needed to clear the box shafts. to save me a bit of time anyone know which of the suspension arms need to be relaesed to get the required clearance. steve
  20. thats no problem thankyou for your curse i will look forward to you contribution i think its a crown wheel pinion failure, either way its having an uprated box. will talk to gto this week and brace myself. iv told the mrs it may cost the price of a couple of new shoes
  21. got back home thanks to rac and a two hour wait. gearbox has as mr brundel would say "a box full of neutrals " looks like that uprated gearbox will be sooner than later
  22. sp350 high torque code in ecu, 200cpi sports cats, k&n filters and bovs but that about it apart from the chargecoolers. it.same boost levels ect
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