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  1. Dear all, I have an S3 HC Esprit, which on the whole I'm very happy with, but we always want more don't we?! It runs a bit rough at low revs and after a bit of research (and a visit to a rolling road) I'm advised it needs the carbs refurbished and then properly set up again. However, this will cost upwards of £500 (approx £150 per carb to rebuild and then setting up on a rolling road etc etc). To me this seems like only a temporary solution as the likelihood is that they'll need doing again soon enough and, in truth, there won't be a massive performance benefit. I don't necessarily want more power (although that's always good of course), but to make the car more driveable/reliable. It seems to me (after more research) that in order to make the car more driveable there are two paths that one can take: 1/ Upgrade the ignition system (2D mapped ignition via a fabricated crank sensor or full 3D mapped ignition utilising a throttle position sensor as well). 2/ Upgrade the induction system (throttle body fuel injection in conjunction with option 1)) Being only an averagely competent home mechanic I am not confident/competent enough to try fitting either option myself. I have spoken to various companies in regard to supplying and fitting both options and (brace yourself!) option 1 comes in at around £1000+ and option 2 around £2500+!! After all that my question: I was wondering if anyone has experience of fitting bike carbs to the Esprit? Good points? Bad points? I was thinking of (for instance) fitting late Yamaha R1 bike carbs (£150 or so from a well known auction site), which also come with a their own throttle position sensor, which would allow the later upgrading of the ignition system when funds allow. I would, of course, need a custom inlet manifold, which (after yet more research) seem to be available from a company called Bogg Brothers for around £200...
  2. Dear all, I have a 1987(D) S3 HC. I've been a member since April (when I bought the car), but this is my first post... When the engine is revved (in normal driving or stationary) the rev counter 'lags' a bit behind what's happening with the engine and then when you reach a fixed throttle position it takes a little while to settle down that particular amount of revs. It's not the biggest problem in the world, but it is mildly annoying. I assume it's some sort of electrical problem. Any ideas? Vim
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