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  1. I just put four new tires on my V8. So far, I love them. The fronts are the standard 235/40-17. The new pilots aren't made in 285/35-18, so I put 295/30-18 on the back. They look awesome. Has anyone else put these on their car?
  2. The Esprit and Countach have always been my two favorite classic exotic cars. I plan to purchase a 25th Anniversary model at some point. I feel they're a solid investment.
  3. The milage is high for an '01, but if its been maintained properly, that won't be an issue. The panels look yellow in some pics, but in another pic, the same panel looks orange. I really think its the lighting. Even the gear shift panel looks yellow in a pic, but its clearly orange in others. Looking at the close up pic of the badge on the back of the car, you can barely tell the difference between the bright yellow on the logo and the orange paint. That doesn't mean the car hasn't been repainted, but I believe the panels of the proper color for the car. My guess is that it has the orginal paint.
  4. I think its lower price and better availability have a great deal to do with the sales figures. I'll take rarity over the knowledge that I'm driving the best selling Lotus anyday. Like I said, I think the Elise is a beautiful car, however I don't think "supercar" when I see it. Of course, that wasn't the intention of the Elise The Esprit, on the other hand, screams "supercar", in my opinion. I'll take supercar over track car.
  5. I feel the Elise is a great track car that looks nice on the street as well. However, one of the reasons I love the Esprit so much is sheer rarity. So far in Pennsylvania this year, I have seen 15-20 Elise models. Besides my car, I have seen 1 Esprit. That's quite a difference.
  6. Its actually one of the pics that comes up when you Google "Lotus Esprit V8"
  7. Thank God for the plate. I had no idea what car that was.
  8. I have a Delorean as well. I'm not sure where to get the clock, but I haven't looked either. Here are a couple sites I know of. Chances are you have already visited them.
  9. Here are mine. ZX-14 and RSVR Factory
  10. I have the 6.5" JLs in mine and they sound great.
  11. I have one of them as well. They're neat cars.
  12. Yeah, I thought that was ridiculous too! Some brands are even more than that. I do like the look and comfort of them, but, you're right, its a shame they cost twice as much as some other logos.
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