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  1. It's the plastic pin things with a spring attached that gave up on mine, they distorted slightly with heat from the contact over time. I swapped some pins over from a different switch and all good ever since.
  2. Look for "chicken beak" knobs for amplifiers etc on eBay you might find something in among the listings on there that might be suitable. Obviously the chicken beak ones are not what you want but the people that have those on offer usually have loads of different styles available on their eBay stores
  3. Choppa

    Website Design...

    Nice site! You might wanty to check the text on the storage pricing page, the text for 3 of the 4 options on offer is the same and the second most expensive option comes with the least amont of services.
  4. Choppa

    Glass roof

    To be fair he's selling a composite roof for £950.......
  5. ...and probably nobody on the magazine is either!
  6. I'm still interested, perhaps mine could stand in for the S300 😉
  7. Is it deffo in Grantham? If a gap at the front end of the list needs filling I could bring my S3 along but it's a 4 hour drive from my place according to Google Maps, so wrong car and a likely early start, can you put me down as first reserve.
  8. Choppa

    Upgrade SU Fuel Pump?

    Got mine changed recently and as Bazza says it works fine and sounds just like the original. A word of caution, the chaps at Southern Carbs in Crawley said that the pump operates at a slightly higher pressure than the original, 2.4psi vs 3psi and on mine with the new pump I had a slight weep through the needle valves on the carbs with the ignition on but the engine not running. Turns out I had slight scoring on the needle valves and now they have been replaced (vitron tips) everything is fine. Might be worth checking the needle valves out on yours.
  9. Choppa

    IWM Duxford Spring Car Show - Sunday 6th May 2018

    I'll take up one of the spare spaces. Martyn I'll PM you with my booking reference. See you all on 6th!
  10. Choppa

    B8 RBD Red Elan

    That looks lovely!
  11. Hey Bibs, any progress on the date for the 2018 meeting?
  12. Choppa


    ...but not Peckham
  13. If its happening when you turn the blower on I'd suggest to start off with having a look at the blower motor assembly for something getting too warm
  14. Choppa

    V8 Esprit Engine Blocks - Brand New!!

    Well not a coffee table......
  15. Choppa

    [Ebay-bot]Lotus Esprit Turbo S4

    I remember seeing this car at a Lotus Festival in Brands Hatch about 3-4 years ago just after the wrap had been applied. I think it's fair to say it divided opinion back then.