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  1. That's different to mine. The headlight switch has a small bulb fitted in a holder behind the green illumination window which comes on with the ignition. The fiber optics wires run from that light box to the illumination windows on the other switches in the dash but not the window switches.
  2. The window switches on my S3 N/A are identical and don't have bulb holders for illumination either. From the photos neither do yours. As per Henry's post if I were ever after doing this job, rather than running copper to them I'd fit a couple of extra strands of optic fibre from the central light box for the switch illumination behind the dash down to the window switches and make some sort of holders to keep the fibre in place at either end. While I was at it I'd probably fit a much brighter green LED bulb in that light box as well
  3. When I fitted the LED headlamp bulbs on mine I had two of the Cibie lamp units re-silvered by these guys. Not a cheap options but worth it IMO to pass the MOT and to retain the original look. The company did a fine job, and all done and returned in a couple of (pre-lockdown) weeks. The problem for refurbishing these Cibie lamp units and maybe units like yours is that they have to split the glass lens from the reflector before they can do the re-silvering and that comes with a breakage risk and an extra labour charge on top of the re-silvering. They don't often have lens that break while they split them from the reflector but they did warn of the risk before hand. I'd love to know what other car used those headlamp clips, they seem so expensive, maybe someone else sells them at a better price when it's for a different car. I ended up only replacing a couple of clips that had definitely failed and cleaned the adjusting screws rather than replace them.
  4. Do your car have the Thermal Trip switch fitted under the bonnet? P/N A082M6196F On my S3 N/A L/C its under the bonnet on the LHS of the "frunk" Mine has a little red button on the top of the little black box which is marked Otter. I've never had to touch that button but I think the device is supposed to sense if a radiator fan has failed and stops them running until the red button is reset (and presumably you've sorted the problem with the fan). Maybe the problem is around that?
  5. I don't know anyone who has fitted those PNM units. However me @Chillidoggyand a couple of others on here have fitted LED headlamp bulbs from Classic Car LEDs in the original lens units of our cars and have seen a fantastic improvement in the beam quality. They supply top quality lamps not the cheaper bulbs you find on ebay and are very helpful. Mine has the Cibie dipped beam units which are no longer available and the silver coating was starting to flake away so I did think about the PNM units briefly but I decided against because I think I would have had to replace the mounting plates in the pods as well. I eventually got the Cibie units re-silvered by a specialist company in Kent so it still looks original.
  6. @Bazza 907Sorry Barrie @LOTUSMAN33just beat you to it. If Dave changes his mind about wanting it I'll let you know
  7. There is a capacitor across the brake switch on my S3 to stop the interference you are talking about but it doesn't look like that. It's item #12 on the diagram P/N A074M6008Z Capacitor 1uF stop switch. No idea what the markings on the capacitor in your photo mean. It doesn't look in very good condition and it can't have been doing anything if it was in the passenger footwell! Maybe it was wired across the brake switch, removed at some point and never replaced hence the noise .
  8. Looking at the photo It may be just dirt on the contacts and the switch is actually OK. Also inside the boot there are some black earth wires for the reversing lights with bullet connectors on the ends that might need a clean. I suggest you clean those, them pull off both spade connectors from the switch and give them and the terminals on the switch a good clean with emery paper or something similar. If you want you could also gently use a wire brush to clean up the body of the switch. To test after cleaning and reconnecting the wires, turn the ignition on but don't start the car, put it in reverse and nip round the back and have a look. If you have a multimeter you could check the switch before connecting the wires. No need to bother with the ignition for this, put it in reverse set the meter to measure ohms and test for continuity across the two terminals.
  9. @BibsI think quite a few of us do something like that each time we start them.
  10. Just been out and counted them and there are 18 LEDs in the strip attached to the underside of my glove box and that is the perfect length with no excess strip dangling around. You get 6 LEDs per 10 cm so I must have fitted a 30cm strip on each side and I was totally wrong when I said earlier that the strip I fitted had 9 LEDs, sorry, I did get the length right though!
  11. @skiingThese are the people I got my LED strips from.
  12. @thebartmanThe LED strips had two wires on the ends, black wire to earth, red wire to the switched positive from the alarm which stays live for 30 seconds. The strips come in multiples of 3 LEDs, and are available in several different colours other than the warm white I chose. The strips I fitted were both 9 LEDS long, which measured about 12 inches. If you order a strip which is too long you can cut them to fit, the strips have the cut point marked, you can't just cut anywhere otherwise they apparently stop working. The adhesive on the strip stuck very well to the underside of the glove box. I guess you could do something similar using the door pin switches which should work the same and would be especially neat if the courtesy lamps had a delay module fitted
  13. I don't know if I'm unlucky but since 89 when I got it I've never had a delay to the interior lights on my 86 S3 they are either on or off depending on if the doors are open or not. However recently I had to replace the after market alarm and door lock relay control module which failed 25 years after I fitted them. The alarm I fitted as a replacement had a wire for interior light delay and so I wired it up to some warm white LED strips that I've stuck above the foot wells on each side. I left the standard interior light alone. Because the LEDs take so little current, way less than the switch capability on that bit of the alarm, I've not needed to fit a relay. This is what they look like, I'm quite pleased with the results, the photo doesn't really do them justice
  14. I was getting mine MOT'd today, passed with no advisories which was a result, however I did get teased for only having driven 250 miles in it this year. I have an excuse ! Interesting footnote to the above pass. When I checked it over yesterday the only thing I discovered was that the washer nozzles seemed to be blocked and did not respond to the usual poke with a fine needle. I found I had a load of strange black stuff lurking in the bottom of my screen wash bottle which clogged up the jets the moment I pressed the button. What ever it was seemed to be growing in the Tescos pre prepared washer liquid I'd put in there, good down to -1C you know. I'll use the expensive stuff from now on!
  15. I have Blackvue dashcams in my Esprit and my daily drive, both have Wifi and using the Blackvue app I can log in to the cameras to view live footage or any of the recorded clips. The one problem I have with them is that as my phone recognizes them as a preferred WiFi connection, if I try and make a phone call it tries to make a Wifi call via the camera which isn't connected to anything else! Same sort of thing happens if I want to use Waze or Google Maps, I have to remember to drop the WiFi Connection to the camera in order to do anything.
  16. I remember commenting about 100 pages ago that in the film the bell boy never looked like he could fully open the tailgate because of the skis hitting the roof. Just something you'll get use to I suppose. BTW I do hope you are going to get those bolts on the upper mountings painted in Copper Fire as well !
  17. If you don't think the standard gasket will do the job you could try fitting the neoprene gasket that I think came out of the Jensen Healey community. I'm sure a search on here would turn up a thread where someone has tried fitting one.
  18. Brett, looking at the photo of the rear of your car it has the later style cut out on the body under the rear of the tailgate, the same as on mine. The release mechanism does not push the tailgate up as much as it does on the earlier S3s which do not have the cut out. On mine when I pull the release handle both retaining latches unclip and I can just walk round to the rear of the car, put my hand in the recess and open the tailgate. No need for me to hang on to the release lever while trying to lift the lid. If when your pull the release lever the weight of your tailgate is enough to close one of both of the retaining latches I'd suggest that one or both of the compression springs (#43 in the parts diagram ) are broken.
  19. No idea on the trunking but would a drain pipe fitting work for the mould? Something like this
  20. IMO the stumpy PA-03 one looks to have a great chance of fitting in there as its a good few inches shorter than the Hirchmann in the other link. Key measurements are the under hang from the head, and the size of the motor/reel unit. Also it's good that the cylinder that I think contains the relays are on the top of the reel rather than on the side or underneath. From memory it looks rather similar to the one I had in mine .
  21. Sparky will need to fly someone in whose good with glass fibre to sort that hinge out correctly and do the sort of tip top repair you'd expect from Watford Exotics. Those experts only fly first class you know and they charge travel time from the moment they leave their mansion. Also because of Covid-19 all the shelves have been stripped bare of GF matting and resin so Gary will have to incur some additional expense to get it from his "sources". I don't think you'll have much left from £25k at the end of all this.
  22. Q = character who makes all the gadgets in the Bond movies
  23. Q would be able to modify those exhaust pipes to fire mortars at chasing baddies with ease. My worry would be what happens when its parked and they get full of rain water.
  24. Unlucky, I've never heard of the gauge casings breaking like this before. I'd be wondering if, at some point in the past, a PO had tried to lever them out using a screwdriver under the black outer rim rather than taking the binnacle off and removing them like you are supposed to. Even so you'd have expected them to stop once they'd bu**ered up a couple of them. I'd be tempted to try a bit of Araldite to repair the cracks on some of them before spending that sort of money on replacements. Even if you only successfully repair one of them you'll be quids in, and once refitted they shouldn't need to come out again any time soon.
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