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  1. Neal's in South Africa, so it's a bit of a trek over to Lotusbits to pick up a new shell or get them to help with a respray, not impossible though!
  2. Interesting, one of my recent lock down pastime has been playing Fallout 4, I got a cheap pre-owned copy on the recommendation of a mate who also suggested I'd probably enjoy Witcher 3 and Skyrim as well. Just yesterday I just finished F4 on normal level following the Minutemen Final Quests and I've been wondering which of the other two to try next. As Dave has found Skyrim worthy of multiple repeat plays I'll probably give it a try next, especially as Bethesda did it so I'll have a tiny bit of a head start on how the game mechanic work.
  3. On a similar Alpine unit that was in my wife's old car I seem to remember you had to press the foot brake a couple of times as well as having the handbrake on to bring up the settings page. Maybe the same with the W505?
  4. I'd expect nothing less from a Watford Exotics franchise
  5. Over the last few weeks my wife has been making scrubs for our local Scrub Hub team. She's made dozens in loads of different material prints that the Hub sent over, and I'm very proud of her. I'm modelling an "Esprit louvre" style mask made with some left over Big Digger material from one of the scrub sets. All my own work but I was closely supervised while I put it together using her sewing machine. It tickles me that in a hospital somewhere in the home counties there are some NHS staff wearing bright blue scrubs with pick up trunks and diggers across the front of them. As for me all I need now is something to go out and protest about while wearing my face mask.
  6. Hi Mate Not sure if you are aware of this but as you are a Full Forum Member you can use this link and download a copy of the S2 Parts Manual which should have a section which shows how those bits are all connected
  7. Finally go to the bottom of the problem I've been having recently with the after market central locking system which I fitted to the Esprit back in 1992 according to the date labels on the solenoids! Didn't realise it had been on the car that long. Here's to another 25 years of trouble free locking and unlocking without having to stretch across the car to get to the passenger door handle.
  8. Not that I have a V8, but out of interest I downloaded the ZIP file from Peter's link onto an old Win7 laptop, extracted the files to a folder on the desktop and installed the software, ignoring the .DLL errors as mentioned above, and it installed OK. From that screen shot it looks like you are running the setup.exe from within the ZIP software?
  9. As an alternative to a new one, I've used the Burghfield Starter and Alternator Centre near Reading to refurb a Vaelo unit like yours and they did a good job. Not sure what kind of service they are offering during lockdown, but there are lots of other companies across the UK who will refurb an alternator for you. The fuel leak is most likely down to the needle valves on the float chambers, you can get replacements from Eurocarbs.
  10. Glad you got it sorted!
  11. Here's one of the underside of the lid on my S3
  12. I replaced the plastic sheeting behind the door cards on my S3 with Dynamat, a couple of years ago, it made a little bit of difference but not as much as I was expecting. I think you really have to do the entire cabin from top to bottom to get a substantial reduction in road noise.
  13. Given your history with the car I think you are one of the few people on TLF or anywhere else who would have offered him that sort of money for a car that to all the world is only a step away from the breakers yard. My offer would have been very similar to Paul's, and that's probably why I never win any bids on eBay.
  14. Regarding gearbox and diff, Harry Martens ( @dsvitesse1 ) every time. He's between Alkmar and Amsterdam. I took my gearbox off, stuck it in the back of my daily drive, nipped over to his place and swapped it (plus a few Euros!) for a new one with a Quaife LSD fitted. If you are wanting to keep you original so the number on the box matches the Lotus build records then you could get it palleted over to him and I'm sure he'd overhaul it and send it back. You can find quite a few specialists who can take the standard 160bhp unit in an S3 up to well over 200bhp without a turbo in sight. For example about 5 years ago I had my N/A engine rebuilt by a friend who is a guru in the Jensen Healey racing world. I asked him to get it to match a carb turbo and fair enough it dyno'd at 211bhp when he gave it back to me, but of course it didn't have quite the torque curve of a turbo. For JH's competing in events he typically gets them to 235 but those engines are not so happy being subject to normal driving. I have no experience in dealing with them so not in a position to recommend, but on the LotusBits web site they have a menu setting out what they would charge to enhance a standard N/A engine which you might find interesting.
  15. Interesting, I had an advisory on this last MOT so I'm going to have a look at mine now to see if its something similar, I think the column on the S1 is the same as the S3 but no idea about an Elite.
  16. I had a similar problem, and as I couldn't find anyone who could sell me the correct replacement CIBIE light units, I got them re silvered at a Chrome Restoration Specialist. Not a cheap alternative as they charge to dismantle the semi sealed unit on top of the cost of doing the re silvering, but they did an excellent job.
  17. On @CHANGES "412BHP that will do nicely" thread two people mentioned glitter flake build up on the magnet in relation to GTO gearbox upgrades as being perfectly normal, its only big slivers that should cause concern
  18. I've spent the last couple of minutes trying to get this video to play
  19. I'd suggest the underside and mechanicals on that look in better shape than the the majority of the UK/European S3's including mine. My only comment would be that on photo of the rear silencer there are usually two metal straps that hold it to a bracket that 'is bolted to the the gearbox. On this one there are marks where the straps might have been but I can't see them, so there must be something else (or nothing) holding it in place
  20. Fitting a Veglia style digital dash as seen on Car SOS, or more likely going over to green LED dash illumination. Your Lotus Gold leather looks in really great nick.
  21. IMO its not likely to be the pump, as Jon said, it is most likely to be the float needle valves. Even if Jon's suggestion works I suggest you'd best fit a new pair of Vitron tipped needle valves, they are around £15 each from Eurocarbs assuming they are still operating at the moment. Don't go for the cheaper brass ones, and when you remove the old ones I'd bet you'll see a very small groove worn around the needle tips of the ones you are replacing and that will be the cause of your leak
  22. Looks like you have an interesting project on your hands, keep us updated on your progress. Swapping out the headlamps to a LHD set might be expensive, but going LHD can be done very easily if you fit these type of LED bulbs, which is why I brought a set. They are designed so you can twist the "filament" section from a RHD beam pattern to a LHD beam pattern, and then it's just a case of adjusting the aim with the screws in the headlamp pods.
  23. @GazzyFizzle Can't see an image or link I'm afraid but this is a link to the H4 bulbs I bought Each light pod on my Esprit has a H4 bulb for the main/dip lamp and a H1 bulb in the other which comes on for main beam only. Each bulb comes with lead with a little IC box part way down, and I fixed both little IC boxes inside the light pod using the double sided adhesive tape that is used to attach number plates, one on each side of the pod . I didn't need to buy the extension lead. I have no idea what bulbs are needed for an Exige and how you might fit those IC boxes but Duncan at Classic Car LEDs is really helpful so I suggest you give him a call
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