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  1. I reckon Mike's memoirs would be a superb read if he ever committed to paper. Good luck in your retirement sir!
  2. Roger, When I first fitted the film I took the glass roof off, put it upside down on the floor, placed the film over the entire surface and cut just inside the mark left by the rubber seal on the glass using a scalpel type modelling knife to get a good fit. I'll see if I can post up a close up picture of it so you can get an idea of what it's like. Each time I refit the film I take the sunroof off to get it to fit exactly in position and to avoid creating any air pockets. You can't really fit it while siiting inside the car. I'll give the underside of the sunroof a quick clean if it looks a bit grubby before fitting. It's been on and off scores of times over the years and once it's attached it's never peeled off. Every so often I'll wash it with very mild soapy water and rinse it under the tap before refitting or rolling it up and putting away for winter. I suppose if you were worried about your film coming adrift at high speed you could cut it slightly larger that the mark left by the seal and while the roof was closed it would be clamped in position, that may also reduce any rattles you may get from the glass
  3. Not been here for a day or two so I did not see Roger's reply on the static cling shade If you put something like "solar film" into an eBay search you'll see the kind of stuff I'm using. I picked a product that had lots of small perforations that resembled the Mothercare type of screens that are often attached by suction pads to a window. What I've got is OK for a British summer (!) but I think there are some better reflective products out there now that are designed for conservatories which, if the blurb is to be believed, will do a good job for guys in warmer climbs. What I avoided was the stick on stuff that people use to "tint" their windows as I wanted to be able to remove it quickly and easily after the sun goes in
  4. My air horns died the same as Slewthy's a couple of weeks ago and I've just fitted air horns from a Lancia Beta Coupe that I scrapped about 30 years ago. I knew they would come in useful sometime, and they still sound great.
  5. As a footnote to the above, in the summer, I use a sheet of static cling sun shade on the inside of my glass roof panel to reduce some of the greenhouse effect. The same perforated sheet material that people use to screen the sun from young children sitting in rear seats of the average family saloon. I've cut it to shape using the mark on the glass that the rubber seal makes so it "fits" very well. When the weather returns to normal, peal it off, roll it up, and wait till the next heatwave. There are also static cling window tint products that come in a variety of colours and densities that I think could also be used in the same way, though I've not tried them. Just a thought.
  6. I couldn't find that article either, The WIKI link below the forum banner goes to a WIKI front page which says it contains 7 articles. In the Esprit area I could access the Essex register, 300 register and Freescan OK but I could not find Rogers article. Am I looking in the wrong place?
  7. Does anyone know the dimensions of the display unit? I'm guessing its credit card sized but I'd appreciate some dimensions if anyone can help.
  8. I've not seen this one before, got to get some of this engine additive!
  9. This might help, don't have the car anymore so I can't take another one and I can't get the file to upload as it says I don't have enough upload space and with image, hope it helps
  10. Might need to get it burped to clear the air lock, Molemot's suggestion is the usual way, but there is a thread about this on here somewhere, where someone ended up jacking up the rear end to get the air lock cleared
  11. From a ski holiday a few years ago, ski rack fine at 120mph on the Autobahns. Second picture taken at the top of the pass between Davos and the Italian border
  12. This is what the fuel caps on my S1 used to look like - photo circa 1979 BTW
  13. I've been meaning to get around to sorting the elctric aerial on my S3 for a while and this post was the spur that I needed to get the job started. THANKS! The original was stuck in the fully extended position so it was a little more difficult to remove, but as the passemger seat is away getting repaired I has enough space to get it free without having to bend it. Dismantled the mechanism cleaned it all up and it now wizzes up and down faster than it ever did before. It goes back in the car this weekend!
  14. Wilf, had my S3 since 88 and the wiring over the rear light clusters has always been exposed so I'd guess thats how they were supplied. On Slewthy's original photo the carpet panel you can see on the RHS in the boot is the piece that hides the battery, it's bonded to a piece of pressed card that slots in place to cover the battery.
  15. There is a red interior on the UK ebay at the moment, think it's from a Stephens not a G car, have a look.
  16. Barrie just tried sending you a PM but it says your inbox is full Thanks Dave!!
  17. Barrie I was watching that aerial on eBay as well, did not bid though. The aerial on my S3 is stuck in the extended position and I'm guessing the motor may have died, I can hear the solenoid click when the radio is turned on but nothing from the motor. If you are interested, once you've replaced the aerial I'd be happy to buy the old one from you and see if I could use it as a donor to fix my one.
  18. I managed to fix an S3 headlamp switch apart it by using components from a spare (HRW) switch I had. The problem was that one of the plastic legs in the switch that push to make the connection had deformed slightly and it wasn't making contact. It was not all that diificult to do - believe me I am not usually good at these sort of things
  19. Didn't get to Donnington, maybe next year, I think I've attached a picture to this.... let's see!
  20. Just joined, hello! I've owner my S3 Esprit since 1989 it's been in storage for the last 9 years and I've just got it back on the road. After all that time I did not expect it to pass the MOT first time (just needed a new steering rack and a replacement hand brake cable) but it started second go once the battery went back in. The battery condition charger I brought was
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