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  1. I had a great day at the event, many thanks for setting it all up for us to attend. Really appreciated the free coffee and cakes in the drivers marquee. It was also an useful bolt hole to shelter from the sun!
  2. I think yours would have had the 0.86 : 1 relay pivot fitted. Have a look on the SJ Sportscars web site in the gear linkage section for your car, I think they'll have a photo of it.
  3. Bang on spec according to Gary.
  4. I've had a slight weep through the carb trumpet into the air box for a few months It only happened if the ignition was on, the pump primed and when the engine wasn't running. We though it was due to a suspect pressure sensor in the fuel pump which was promptly changed, but the weep was still there a few weeks later so replacement needle valves went in today The new valve has a Vitron tip while the old one was all brass, notice the witness mark on the old one, the cause of all my problems. The trademark blue gloves and the spanner bracelet in the photo below will give you a clue who swapped out the old valves for me, thanks mate!
  5. I think someone on here ? @Changes posted on how to do the timing belt and to set up verniers on these engines. If you search the forum you are bound to find it. I think the rule of thumb is if you only have to do the timing belt, do it in situ, if you have one or two other big jobs in the engine bay, the clutch for example, take it out.
  6. Ah found it, the button is hidden by all the white on my machine. This is what that corner of the display looks like when viewed using Chrome
  7. How do we access our messages?
  8. Hi Gavin I'm back from holiday now, have sent off the payment and have emailed the UPS label to the email address you sent. Thanks very much and sorry for the delay!
  9. I can't decide if I should do a table/wine bottle rack sideways or as mounted in the car. I'm also thinking it would be great as a rather OTT strawberry planter.
  10. As Bibs said very cool so yes please fro me as well!
  11. Or attractive bases for coffee tables!
  12. Nice set of photos, only the 28 years for me. Here's one of mine from the early 90s
  13. I've reported this as a fraudulent ad to EBay, this is Internet's old car which the real owner has been trying to sell at around £20k
  14. New stub axles? BTW the surface on your driveway is looking good at the moment!
  15. Phew, I was worried I wouldn't have anything to read on the summer holiday! ( well done BTW )
  16. Its a very clever plan, I'm sure Gary will be expecting loads of Esprit owning visitors over the weekend and while they are on the extended tour of the Watford Exotics workshops, and drinking tea from their souvenir mug, he'll be out front grabbing a header tank cap for Pete's High Wing
  17. As Bibs said. When Harry Martens fitted the Quaife LSD to the C35 gearbox in mine I remember he had some cryo hardened CWPs available, not sure if he still has them though. Also on the group buy thread which seemed to stall Harry posted a photo of some of his stock so I'd suggest giving him a shout if your gearbox chap is having difficulty in getting what you need. This is his website
  18. Love the way the invoice spells out exactly what you should be getting. I wonder who has opened a parcel this morning expecting replacement braided fuel lines for his carbs only to find he's got your blanking cap instead? Bargain price for the braided fuel lines don't you think? ......
  19. if you are thinking of taking the engine and gearbox out of it indoors while leaving the body on, remember they come out at an angle so you'll need to make sure you have enough headroom. Just about managed it with the 2.4m in my garage.
  20. Whoever they were, I doubt if they'd make themselves known after all the things you've had to fix.
  22. I'm sure someone on here has posted Andy's Lotus email details before. If you search the forum for his name it's bound to turn up.
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