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  1. Hi Simon

    I did this job on my S3 last year. I even brought a header rail to practice on before I set about ripping out the one fitted to my car.

    The sun visor is framed by a piece of wire - about twice the thickness of a coat hanger - brazed to the tube that forms the pivot.

    To remake my visors I cut two pieces of 3 ply, one that was an exact match for the outside the wire defining the edge of the visor and a second that fitted just inside wire. Glued them together attached to the wire. Then I covered that with a thin layer of foam on both sides and then the wife stitched the outer fabic for the visor - 3 sides with a machine and hand stitched the seam that runs behing the pivot tube.

    Biggest challenge will be to get the cut out for the vanity mirror. What we did was to draw the cutout for the mirror onto the back of the alcantara type material we used to replace the vinyl then machine stitch the oval, cut it out and then arrange the position of the material correctly relative to the mirror when forming up the outer "pocket" into which the visor sits. We reasoned that to try and cut the oval in a prepared visor would be too difficult.

    I think I may have some photos that could explain this if you need them, and quite a bit of spare "alcantara" if you need any!

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