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  1. the harrier pilot wasn't quite lucky enough, he landed on the tail of his ditched plane and broke his ankle, apparently!
  2. yep i've got a peugeot 406 estste. i think my esprit is more reliable and it hasn't got an engine!!! welcome
  3. lotus excretia lotus ebbw vale lotus ectoplasm lotus egotistic lotus effluent lotus epilepsy lotus emasculated lotus effeminate and of course the lotus enzo!!!!! i'll get my coat, or the last stage out of town...............
  4. i sold my gt6 ages ago for a half arsed reason after spending months sorting it i still really really regret it. i can't afford one now i sold my clan crusader rally car for a half arse....... i sold my fzr1000 exup for a half.... i have a tired esprit and a nearly finished tasmin i can't afford to run at the moment there is no way either of them are going, it's a lifestyle thing i guess HTH
  5. jet washed the 'good' 907 today (inlets are taped up) after liberal doses of Gunk changed from black to shiney and i now see how the cambelt tensioner works a small step, but a positive one. shame the centre terminal fell out of the dizzy cap when i had a look at it. more expense for the unemployed but hey ho, 2 forward, 1 back, it was a good day! And i picked up a guitar for the first time in ages. and its sunday tomorrow
  6. cumbriaimp


    is angus young shrinking or are gibson sg's getting bigger? saw them at wembly stadium many moons ago, supported by king's X, in my college days darn sarf, wicked neil
  7. easy buy an esprit with a broken cambelt, put in your parent's garage, close the door. absolutely no chance of parking damage whatsoever.... simples!
  8. found one! optibelt UK ltd do the optikrik1 for
  9. that person is one sharp cookie. i read most of it. must get a job.................!
  10. just had this with the ratty old tasmin the old girl was sitting in cumbria for a few months, then i drove it onto the trailer to go to crewe and it stank of petrol got it off the trailer, drove it onto the drive, leaving a trail of fuel. eek! on inspection, it wasn't the tanks or high pressure pump side but the RETURN fuel side. this was the low pressure, cloth covered, old style fuel pipe circa 1980 and it was totally rotten. there were 7 or 8 bits to replace, very complicated twin tank return system, typical british engineering, very random! twisted the pipe in my hands and it literally tored apart all sorted now, but i haven't even looked at the esprit stuff yet probably replace it all, full stop so check all of it! twice!! and get an extinguisher
  11. hi all bit of a do on today and tomorrow 2000 cars and autojumble. tvr club showing much plasticness apparently cheers
  12. exquisitely styled, perfect ride, inspired tuning even stupid pillocks realise it's tremendous entering serious powerslides releases incredible torque (later cars anyway) everyone should praise real inovative technology
  13. Learned Onlookers Take Us Seriously Let Others Try Understanding Superiority Limping Otters Terminate Unusual Serendipity OK, I could only think of two...............
  14. IMHO none of the teams HAVE to race under F1 rules, they choose to do so. Obviously you will get politics, espescially where lots and lots of money is involved. As long as the cars go round and round, I'm happy to let them bicker to their hearts content. The safety of the drivers is the inportant thing and that seems to have got a lot better, the rest is just humans being humans. If there are more cars going round and round, all the better! And yes, bring back lotus into F1....somehow
  15. bit short notice. just found this as the girlfriend isn't coming down from cumbria so won't be going to the northwich bike weekend, anyone going to this one? seeing if i might get to see an esprit that works! cheers neil
  16. dead easy first is a bird feeding station for the back garden and the second one could be any chavved up not-very-hot hatch in the supermarket carpark on a saturday night. goes with the badly tinted windows, body kit that doesn't fit and hasn't been painted, alloys that have been kerbed so many times they are unrecognisable and a list of all the trick parts that aren't actually on the car, on the b-pillar. am i right? do i get a prize?
  17. can we have a full list, see where they've all gone i obviously had to make do with what was left!! 'several' 'turbos' plural!
  18. gosh. i'm off to get a fishpond, plenty of lily pads methinks
  19. mmmm, just had a Lotus biscuit. V. nice. At the narrow boat marina in Nantwich. Biscuit had Lotus written on it too but I ate it
  20. has lots of good jobs Rapido is an easy search As a chemist I have always found recruitment agencies totally rubbish and gave up on them months ago. in my experience, lazy uninterested and if you want to get anywhere you are constantly harassing them and as for the jobs they put you in for, i'm sure they don't read CVs! Anyway, sick of science so, after 20 years playing with quite a few motorcycles, classic cars and landrovers/rangerover classics in my spare time, I am wondering if there is anyone out there who would consider taking on a 40 year old apprentice vehicle restorer. I have no formal qualifications in vehicle maintenance but am a good spanner wielder and can do a little light welding. I would like to start at the bottom and do my qualifications as I go along. If anyone could point me in something like the right direction, I am in the Crewe area but would happily travel 20 or so miles for the right vocation. Know it's a long shot but if you don't ask, you don't get! cheers Neil
  21. Well, i haven't had the white S2 out of the garage yet and I've already had two people saying, 'ah yes, the James Bond car'! Am I really going to regret the fact that the one I got is white, everytime someone sees it??!? still, least I've got one!
  22. hillman imp based clan crusader in standard guise, pic before nova. nice toys IMHO. wish i'd kept mine (and no they don't overheat and blow head gaskets!) neil
  23. yes, good old crewe. once rolls royce left here, and bentley got going, the queen swapped marques gawd bless er... also home of the APT, best train since sea sickness was invented. as for my counter, that will be a glitch left over from the cold war, there was an area of land in willaston, just outside crewe, with a sign with the acronym which i thought was ; Cheshire County Council Private. now all i remember is CCCP and an eerie glow around the scout hut 999999999999999999
  24. The clan was kept in a friend's barn and it's his rallye We went from Workington area to Tyne and Wear race track so he could sprint it, i was marshalling for the first and only time. On the track it was great, but getting there and back at 70mph was sheer torture. how revvy are those things? what? pardon? sorry, gone deaf! incidentally that was the first time i saw a black/gold jps esprit so there is an esprit link to this thread! neil
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