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  1. Here is a Youtube video of my new Larini Exhaust on my 1993.5 Esprit SE with a high flow cat. My engine has just been renewed and this is the first startup from cold so you can see the cat is working well with water coming out the tail pipe. And some pictures below
  2. Basically, the right side exit one should look similar to this below?
  3. 1. Cliff 2. Jeremy 3. Rory Larini sound out of this, yes I want. Right hand exit only. What is shipping to Canada though, £30 works for me ? Do you have to charge VAT when shipping out of country?
  4. It would be nice if there was still R12 so it would work great. I don't like the ideal of changing to other stuff. If the whole system designed for R134 was used in the car, than it should work properly, shouldn't it?
  5. My 1993.5 Esprit is loosing the refrigerant. My mechanic suggests it might be the the lines leaking out since they were designed for R12 instead of the R134 stuff. He sees no other signs of leakage. Has anyone replaced the hoses which run down the the right side of the lower skirt? Is the skirt easy to remove. My mechanic suggests the way the skirt is bonded onto the car; it will be destroyed and need replacing. I want cold air and want to have a proper R134 system. What to do?
  6. Bibs, I didn't see my car on the Registry list 1993 Esprit SE (93.5MY) Black on Raven 1 of only 5 1993.5 Esprit's for Canada and the only Black on Raven according to my Certificate of Provenance from Lotus. SCCFC20BXPHF60295 Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
  7. I'm looking to buy a used or new if cheap fuse/relay box cover for a Left hand drive Esprit SE (non abs) or V8 as pictured below:
  8. I need a replacement brake light bulb for the high mount rear brake light on my 1993.5 Esprit. It takes 4 bulbs and I can't seem to find it locally? Cross reference with who?
  9. LOL! American's sue people? Really? I'm going to be trying to clean my switch as my braking doesn't seem to be right either. For me it is like I have no vacuum braking assist and I don't have the flickering on and off of the ABS light like other people are having. I do have the occasionally brake lights sticking on which I pump the brake pedal a couple of times to clear. I sure wish there was a way to adapt the later model cars ABS system but I hear the wiring is the problem.
  10. I would love to talk Lotus anytime. Here are two web pages I've done on 2 of the 3 previous Lotus cars I've owned My 75 Elite and My 86 Esprit I haven't done a webpage up yet for my 79 Esprit.
  11. I don't see mine on the list Rory S. Brown, Surrey, B.C. Canada 1993.5 Lotus Esprit (Canadian Model, SE with the S4 interior which is unique to North America) Black, SCCFC20BXPHF60295, 43,000klms. Built in May of 1993 but not sold until May 1994 from the Vancouver Lotus Dealer. Due to the lack of correct sized front tires for the stock 15" Revolution wheels; I've change the wheels to S4 17".
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