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  1. Hi all, I have a triangular shaped bracket of approx 6 inch long that somehow (I recall) is supposed to be attached to my gearbox. Can't remember where and what it's for. Is it for supporting the cross gate cable? Maybe someone has a picture of their gearbox in situ? Thanks! Dennis
  2. allright, does that mean that there are two vacuum connections to the inlet manifold: both for the servo and the heater control?
  3. Paul, seems we don't understand eachother. What you are telling me is where is connects in the front of the car, but I need to know where the other end of the pipe connects to in the back of the car.... Cheers
  4. Hi Paul, yes I can see it now (different computer). That's looks splendid! However, what does the servo hose connect to in the engine bay is what I'm looking for. Unfortunately, the workshop manual seems persistent in not wanting to reveal this....
  5. Hi Paul, are you referring to a picture, as I don't see it in your post?
  6. Yes, the S1 seems quite different. Bummer I forgot to take note of this. I'll see if I can find out about the servo vacuum now that I know what to look for in the manual.
  7. Great info Paul, thanks. Do you know where these pipes attach to in the engine bay (I have the engine out & don't recall).
  8. Hi Paul, 'servo'? as in brake servo? didn't know my car had one. Any idea about the engine bay routing of these pipes?
  9. Hi all, I'm figuring out the plumbing in my car as it is while ago since I took it apart: I have two pipes running front to back in the central tunnel (at the bottom), they are not for cooling I think, but what are they for? At the front of the car they seem to go upward in the direction of the dashboard. I've checked the workshop manual but don't see them mentioned. I think they are for heater control (vacuum?) and at least one is supposed to be connected to the inlet manifold I guess? Thanks in advance for your help! Dennis
  10. Hi, thanks for your response. The reason I'm asking is that I'm under the impression that if you want to use the 'stiffening' modification at the gearbox end of the cable (pls refer to kit sold bij SJSportscars), one needs to install a S3 cable which is shorter to begin with. Or am I misinformed?
  11. Thanks Jim. It looks like you have the hardened sleeve fitted on this shaft?
  12. Jim, isn't taking the clutch shaft out an affair with removing the bell housing and exposing the diff etc.? Complex job or not? I'm asking since I'm fully aware I'm on the slippery slope of 'while I'm in there' again...
  13. Jim, thx for your info. I was wondering about the 'flush position' in relation to the chamfer myself as well. Maybe the cranck was machined in the past, don't know. I don't any other option than inserting/keeping it as is, as the spigot bearing would nog be properly supported if moved forward (towards the gearbox). Any idea about the little stepped area at the end of the clutch shaft? Is that common?
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